Thursday, December 26, 2013

Marry Christmas

Life hasn't turned out the way I wanted for the past 2 weeks. I have constantly been thinking about what I eat, though yet I haven't been able to actually stay on track and eat healthy. My diet has been full of Sugar and bad carbs. 
My body has been feeling sick, and my mood has been horrible. Yet I haven't been able to treat my body nicely and giving it the food it deserve. I look like a 5 month pregnant lady and feel like shit. 
I went on the scale to see how bad it was. Happily I only gained 1.1kg. 

I am sitting at Starbucks with a big frappucino trying to find my motivation. Ironic right?!

Thank god a new year will start soon.

Marry Christmas and Happy new year for everyone!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Final status for my school project!

The 7 weeks are already over and it is time to make status on the project. As I was already in the progress of loosing weight then I honestly didn't change much. I kept doing what I already started, the Paleo lifestyle.

I made the goal to loss 3.6kg in 7 weeks, which would take me from 112.6kg to 109kg. It might not sound like a lot, but as I was already on the track of loosing weight I knew it wouldn't be going really fast. I still would have loved a better result but I DID LOSS 3.6kg. I hit my goal when it comes to the weight loss and that feels amazing. My total weight loss is now 6kg!

I also made a goal to walk 3 times a week and I was suppose to walk 30km a week by now. Let me be honest that didn't happen. It should have and I am kind of mad at myself for not doing it but the true is that the heat in Argentina is killing me! My body just can't work with 30 Celsius degrees.

The Paleo lifestyle definitely changed my life style, and I both feel better and look better :) Even though this school project has come to an end then my weight loss journey is still in the start phase.

This weekend will be a huge challenge. We are so lucky to have a visit from a German Girl who we meet in the state. I wont be able to follow Paleo for the next 3 days that together with Christmas coming up makes me a little scared. I have therefor made a pretty small goal for the last 19 days of December.

Next goal is to be 108 kg by the 31st of December.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weight in

This week has been a mess!!

I haven't been able to get back on track, I keep finding an excuse to eat something unhealthy.
Friday we had dinner with Emilios parents, we had a huge barbecue with some cream mushroom potatoes. The potatoes was for 6 people and had 150g of BUTTER, 2dl of CREAM, mushrooms, onions and potatoes.. Not something healthy but it was soo good!!
Monday Emilio and I went out for lunch. I had a huge portion of delicious pasta with pesto, lots of bread and a cheese cake for dessert. It was good, but definitely not Paleo. For dinner Monday I decided to have sushi.. So yeah not a healthy day....

Looking back on the week I have to admit that I am more than happy with my 0.3kg loss!

Friday is the last day for my school project. So far I have lost 3.3kg during the project so I still have 0.3kg to go before I hit my goal.. Hopefully that will happen before Friday.

This week will be hard. A friend from Germany who Emilio and I meet in the US is coming to visit us.. We are so excited but I also know it will means some unhealthy food.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bad week good weight in!

Food wise this has been a really bad week..! Thursday I had pizza and Sunday I had a HUGE ice cream. (If you ask Emilio he would tell you that my ice cream were small NOT TRUE.. Haha) Beside this two stupid meals, I did good the rest of the week.
My biggest issue is to be creative for all of the meals... In Denmark my lunch would normally be an open whole grain sandwich, which is so easy. But now with this diet, I need to figure out what to cook for both Lunch and Dinner!! It seems like we just keep eating the same 5 meals over and over again! Not that those meals are bad THEY ARE ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD!! But it gets boring.. I guess it is time to get some Paleo cooking books! :)

Christmas is coming up! In Denmark that includes tons of UNHEALTHY food.. I guess that is how it is all over the world actually, I just seems to like the danish Christmas treats more. I love Christmas and all of the traditions. This year will be different, as I will be in Argentina during the Christmas month. First of all the weather is different. I am use to snow or at least freaking cold weather! But now in Argentina it is freaking hot, we already have more than 30 degrees a day.. It is HORRIBLE!!!! Another very different tradition is the food. I am use to my duck, pork, caramelized potatoes, gravy and a delicious rice, cream almond dessert. This will all have to wait for next year, though I am planning on making a small danish Christmas dinner for Emilio and I for the 23th of December.. It is a hard time of the year, as I am missing my family as hell!! But I will try and enjoy it because next year Emilio and I will be together in Denmark celebrating Christmas..  

The scale showed a 0.5kg loss since last week which is perfect.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Late weight in.

It has been a pretty stressing week, with all the action that was going on in our building last Tuesday. It was really scary and honestly I have probably never been as scared before. In the beginning I was freaking out by being alone, but I am feeling a lot better, now and have no issues being alone anymore.
The other thing that had stressed me is my weight loss. I honestly feel it is going to slow. Specially last weeks gain hit me hard, but I know my body sometimes act weirdly. I knew my week was good and that I ate healthy, which is probably also why it was so frustrating not to loss weight. I still believe Paleo is a healthy lifestyle and that it will help me to loss weight. Just take a look at Emilio he is kicking ass! So far he has lost more than 11 kg! So proud of him and also thankful that he keep supporting me.
I have been reading tons of stuff about carbs, and have got to the conclusion, that I will try and stay with vegetables that grows over the ground. That will I can keep my carbs down and hopefully that will make it easier for me to loss weight. So a minimum of carrot and sweet potatoes for the next month. (OH NO)
Also it is my plan to start eating some more fish. We both love fish, so it is plain stupid that we doesn't eat it some more. Another thing I am trying out, is the effect of the Argentina mate. It is a warm drink like green tea, and should help boosting my weight loss. Who know at least it makes me drink some more water.

This week went by really well. I stocked to the plan of low carb, but I had ICE CREAM one night. It was something really needed (not really but it was good anyway). I had the hope that it wouldn't fuck up my weight loss, but instead trick my body. I lost 0.8 kg which feels amazing, and even better it brings me sooo close to be under 110 kg again. I am still in the process of my school project and made myself the goal to be 109 kg by December 13th. It seems possible and shouldn't be a big deal to accomplish that!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Feeling sick :/

The last few days hasn't been good at all. I have lost my energy completely and my body has been in pain. to the fact that I have been having migraine twice this week :(

Food I have been doing excellent if you ask me. Except from yesterday night where we decided to enjoy each other and get some ice cream. I know it wont help my weight loss but it was a nice evening.

The scale isn't really showing any results which doesn't make things easier either. I think it is time to push myself to work out even though my body is in pain. Hopefully that will get my energy level up.

Tuesday was a horrible and quit scary day as the police tried to catch a criminal person, who has been living in the apartment upstairs. It ended up in a shooting episode. Crazy!!

I have decided to skip root-vegetables to eliminate carb in my diet. I will still get carb as they are in every vegetable and fruit but I will try to eat the vegetables with less than 5g of carb pr. 100g.

Weigh in will be next Wednesday.

Monday, November 18, 2013

What happened?

Wednesday I did end up having sushi and Coke zero for dinner! The weirdest thing happened, the coke tasted soooo bad!! Saying what?!! I telling myself that I must have been unlucky getting a bad coke.. Or i the truth that I can actually live with out it? One thing is for sure I am not craving it anymore!! Instead I just love my icetea!! The sushi was good! Gotta admit I love sushi and I don't see anything wrong in that, but again I know now after whole30 that I can happily live with out it! 

Apart from this one meal I have been doing great! Eating after paleo, lots of vegetables, protein and fat. Apparently it hasn't been enough as I gained 300g. It is sooo frustrating I just wanna loss weight! I am not giving up one bad week isn't what will define this journey! This week I will try to slow down on sweet potatoes and carrot that way I keep my carbs on a low limit! Also I will change some of the protein with more vegetables. 

Hopefully next week will show a big loss!!!  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 30 of whole 30!!!

OMG I actually did it!!!

I am a bit surprise of myself. I really wanted to do it but deep inside I just didn't believe I could do it! Here we are 31 days later looking better, feeling better and most important my level of cravings has gone down! 
The whole30 isn't about loosing weight, but about cleaning your body and get healthier! Though I did it mostly to loss weight and was hoping for some good result! 
I lost 2.8 kg during the last 30 days. 
Emilio lost 4.5 kg during the last 30 days. 

I was hoping for more a lot more to be honest! But looking back then I have lost around 600 grams a week which isn't bad considering my level of work out. Emilio is killing the scale with good result and I couldn't be happier I am sooo proud of him! 

So what is the plan now?! 
I feel good after these 30 days and not planning on going back at all! These 30 days is just a part of the long weight loss journey I have in front of me. Today I will allowed myself to eat sushi for dinner and I might even go and get myself a little Coke Zero just to see how I will react on it! But specially Coke Zero isn't coming back in my diet on a daily basic as it has been for the past 5 years! Yes I will drink coke again, but I will limit it til the days I am going out!
Dairy has been another of the things I have eliminated during the last 30 days. I love cream, hard cheese and butter and on the Paleo 2.0 these items are okay.. But after realizing that my food taste just as good with out dairy I have decided to just keeping it out on my daily diet. No reason to add those calories!!!
Chick peas and quinoa.. See that is another story! They aren't allowed on whole30 and I haven't missed them a lot, but I honestly believe that they are really healthy for me! They contain lots of calcium so I will actually take them back into my diet.. Not something I will eat every day but a few times a week I guess!
3 meals a day.. Dam that was hard in the beginning BUT now it just feels so normal.. I am normally not hungry between the meals anymore and I have therefor decided just to keep my diet to 3 meals a day on less I am starving or working out! 

Would I recommend the whole30 to other!? HELL YEAH!!! It feels so good to accomplish a goal like this and it seriously makes you feel good! 
We are back on paleo this time the strict version 1.0! Hopefully that will help me with the rest of my weight loss.. I am currently 110.4 kg so there is still 15.4 kg to the weight that I have sat as a goal for a pregnancy. With the help from Emilio I know we can do it.   

Just for the record then here is the meals from yesterday, which was day 30!

My favorite banana pancakes. Seriously you HAVE TO TRY THEM!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! On the side I had ½ avocado, mushrooms and tomato!  

Lunch: We went out for lunch and this was what I could get. Piece of meat with a carrot salad.

Dinner: I chopped sweet potatoes, onions and carrots and laid them in a tray on top I laid a whole chicken. The chicken got a marinade of lemon, parsley and salt. With it I had ½ avocado! I tell you I love baked chicken!  


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 29 of whole30

One day left! Looks like I am going to make it!!

Spicy grounded beef  with left over salad and an avocado.

 Lunch: Steak and cabbage. one handful nuts and olive oil.

Dinner: Pork with baked vegetables. yum yum

Day 28 of whole30

Why losing weight?

I have been watching a lot of Extreme weight loss episodes. It is so inspiring to watch these people loosing 50% of there body weight in just 1 year! They all have different reasons for why they got overweight and why they now wanna fight the kilos and get healthy. One thing they all have in commend is there low self-esteem and low self confidence. When you don't believe in your self losing weight must be hard! 
I am obese but not in the scale of the participants of these programs but I still have my reasons of why I got fat and why I wanna loss weight!

Weight loss motivations:
- Getting healthy for a pregnancy.
- Getting healthy and minimize my health risks.
- Being able to buy clothes in a normal store.
- Looking good on my wedding pictures.
- Makes my kids grow up in a healthy environment.
 - Loving my self and my look.

Breakfast: Banana pancake on the side mushrooms and tomatoes.

Lunch: stuffed pumpkin ( spicy grounded meat) with a red cabbage salad and avocado.

Steak with a salad made with: Lettuce, asparagus, avocado, tomato and celery. Spicy chili oil.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 27 of whole30

Stupid knee and hip! 
The pain in my hips is really starting to annoy me. I will have to get it checked out by a doctor as I am to scared of working out right now! I fear it is something bad and I mean with all the weight I am carrying around it wouldn't be weird that my knee and hips are hurting. 
The last few days I have been watching a lot of Extreme makeover weight loss edition! It is so motivating to watch these people losing 50 of there weight in just a year! They work out a lot.. 6 days of 2-6 hours of Cardio work a week + 3 days of weight lifting! 
That makes me think that if I start working out some more I can accomplish even bigger goals! There is a gym 500 meters away from our apartment so Monday we will go there! Of cause I will need to check my hips first but I think it is time to work out a lot more!!

Breakfast: Pancakes (it is basically just a thin omelet 2 eggs, ½ a banana) and a carrot! Wow those pancakes are AWESOME!!!

Lunch: Chicken lever and neck. Butternut squash fries baked in the oven and a red cabbage salad.

Chicken soup with chicken, celery, carrot, onion, garlic and chicken breast

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 26 of whole30! big challenge.

First big public challenge. 

I have pretty much tried to avoid going out during this whole30. It is just easier not to be around temptations. Though I have been going to my family in laws house which is full of crappy food as I like to call all of that sugar shit!! haha... Anyway it hasn't been hard to say no to ice cream or cake being there.. Probably because my father in law always makes us an amazing barbecue. That mixed with a good salad leaves me satisfied not wishing for all the unhealthy sugar!! 
Yesterday we had a baby shower celebration. They were serving leg meat, mayo and bread.. For those who has never tasted that I will tell you it is dam awesome.. It is like eating a piece of heaven! That being said I need to find a solution.. Cabbage.. Yes cabbage was the solution we used the cabbage instead of bread and just avoided the mayo. (had a teaspoon of it in my first wrap but it just didn't taste good.) Of cause there were cake afterwords together with a glass champagne but I said No thanks. I consider yesterday as a victory! YEAH 
Also I got to hold Emilio's cousins new baby! OMG it just felt so good to hold that little girl in my arm it reminded me of 3 years ago when I was holding my host baby Emma.. I love babies and holding little Julia yesterday made me even more ready for this weight loss.. I really wanna be healthy for my own pregnancy. 

Egg muffin (egg, chili, basil, red pepper)

Leftover osobuco with some spicy meatballs and cauliflower. 

Dinner: Cabbage wrap filled with leg meat! NAM NAM NAM

Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 25 of whole30

Day 25 was really good! Things really seems to get easier which feels good! Cravings are gone completely to the fact that I feel ready to give up my coke zero for good... I will not deny myself coke zero for the rest of my life but I will try to keep it to a minimum... For me a minimum is, to keep my joy of coke zero to special occasions like Birthdays, Holidays or other special celebrations... Lets see how that goes :)

During my school project we have focus a lot on a healthy lifestyle. For me health is a complicated word because we have different conceptions of health and what it includes. Are we healthy if our BMI is between the normal 18,5-24,9? For me the answer is no. Just because we keep our weight in a healthy BMI doesn't mean that we get the nutrition that our body need. This takes me to a questions I have been wondering for a long time.
-        Is a calorie just a calorie?
If I wanna loss around 0.5kg a week then I should eat around 1500 calories a day. (If I decided a diet for which I had to count calories, this isn't my case... But I still find it interesting.) My questions is here would 1500 calories food coming from Fast food like Taco bell, Mac Donald or Pizza hut be as good as 1500 calories coming from homemade salad and meat? If a calorie is just a calorie then the questions would be yes?! I am not talking about not being hungry or anything but just the fact that so many people say eat less calories than you burn and you will loss weight.. Sounds simple but I believe a healthy weight loss takes a healthy diet which included lots of vegetables, good protein and healthy fat. Because a diet like that will give us all the nutrition and vitamins that we need for our body to work. Just as our body react differently to different food..

What do you think? Is a calorie just a calorie?

Let me first post a good drink! For me water gets a bit boring during a whole day so we have tried to make healthy drinks. The other day I made a ginger drink, which was basic shredded ginger, slice of lemon and ice water. It was really good..
The drink on the picture is a home made Icetea that Emilio made the other day.. It is really good! Basically he boiled water and just added normal tea.. Then he made it rest for a long time in the fridge.. It is best ice cold.. YUM YUM

2 eggs, ½ red pepper and avocado.

Lunch: chicken wings with a red cabbage salad. I love wings but I need to drop them to much fat!

Osobuco stew and on the side butternut squash fries baked in the oven.. It was soo tasty...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 24 of whole30

Today has been hard I am at that time of the month where cravings are worse mixed with tons of pain! Yes not a good combination! Anyway I need to fight it with out chocolate, ice cream, sushi and coke which would be my normal medication!

I did get to work out today 5.5 km which I am proud of. It is freaking hot in Argentina right now so working out really makes me sweat!

Breakfast: This is a really bad picture of some really good food! It is panned mushrooms, onions and crab mixed with eggs and on the side an avocado.

Lunch: It looked like something I would serve for a dog so I just decided to eat it so no pictures this time. I had the left overs from the lasagna and added 2 sunny eggs and some pistachios. It was dam good.

Baked chicken with a warm broccoli salad. (panned garlic, onions and broccoli). Good 

Day 23 of whole30

Less than a week left! I can't believe I almost made it through..!! It feels so good to accomplish.. Though there is still a week left but I have the feeling that it is going to be pretty easy...
What still isn't easy is my work outs. I have been having issues with some pain in my hips, ankle and knee.. I guess that is the typical issues for a person my size but it is annoying and keeping me away from hitting the goals. I sure do walk much more than usual but I would wish for more. If we look back on this past week I walk:
Wednesday: 5.5 km Goal was 5.5 km GOOD ONE
Thursday: Off day
Friday: 6 km. Goal was 5 km :) GOOD ONE
Saturday: 6 km Goal was 10 km. BAD ONE
Sunday: Off day
Monday: 3 km Goal was 5.5 km BAD ONE
Tuesday: 2.5 km Goal was 5 km BAD ONE

Out of the 5 planned work outs I only accomplished 2 which is NOT good enough!! But it is a start hopefully next week will be better!

Scramble eggs with Paleo bread and a warm salad of spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. YUM YUM

Lunch: Baked Chicken lever and neck and a few wings. On the side red cabbage, tomatoes, pistachios and avocado. I love chicken lever and the good things is how CHEAP it is!! 

Dinner: Paleo lasagna made with tons of vegetables (cabbage, onions, carrots, garlic, tomatoes, and celery) Grounded beef and some left over lever. Instead of pasta I used Egg plants.. It is delicious easy to make and then it is the perfect left over dish!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 22 og whole 30

What a different!

My cravings are extremely eliminated now and I feel good! All my stomach issues is gone, I have only had one headache the last 3 weeks and my energy level has increased! With only 4 hours of sleep I still manage to get through the whole day! YEAH (Well I did sleep so nicely this night!)
Food wise things are still going well.. Yesterday we went grocery shopping and our fridge looks amazingly healthy.. =) It if filled with vegetables in all colors (tomato, spinach, pepper, celery, eggplant, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, cabbage, avocado) Lots of egg, and then some good left overs!
The freezer is filled with fish, chicken and meat!

It is so inspiring to look into a full and color rich fridge. That makes cooking so much easier. Emilio actually made a meal plan the other week, but it just didn't seems to be working really well for us as we or I changed the plans all the time to make sure we used what we had in the fridge! Another issue here in Argentina is the limited healthy food chooses! Most of the things you will find here has been processed and it is hard to know whether it is organic or not. Just as well as we don't have all the lovely oils like avocado oil ect. or fish sauces and yummi stuff like that!

2 eggs, 1 carrot, 1 paleo bread, and cup of tea

Steak and healthy pancakes (They were made of a shredded carrot and sweet potato mixed with an egg and panned as small pancaked! YUM YUM YUM). 

Panned lever and onions. On the side some mashed sweet potato and carrot as well as a salad made on avocado, yellow and red tomatoes and fresh basil!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 20/21 of whole30

I didn't get to blog yesterday or the day before so here is for the past 2 days.

Things has been fine I have been eating the things I was suppose to. I might had a bit to much fruit and yesterday a bit to much meat. But nothing really bad.

My walk Saturday wasn't the best. Unfortunatly my hip was hurting to much, but I still got to walk 6 km.

Not much more to say... More tomorrow!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 19 of whole 30

One more day went by, it wasn't easy but I did manage to get through it in the best way I could. It was one of those days where I had to get up in the middle of night to attend a class. I didn't get much rest during the night because of a huge lightning storm.. Never the less I felt good in the morning.. To the point that I decided not to take my usual nap after the class ended. Maybe that was what went wrong because at dinner time I kind of lost it! I just felt like eating everything unhealthy in the world. But thank god Emilio didn't let me do that. Instead we went to my eye-doctor, who figured out that I need new classes.. YEAH hopefully that will make me able to see again!! =) Though going to the doctor resulted in a really late dinner, as we wasn't home before 8:30pm. With out food in the fridge and no stores open we had to improvise. Also I just didn't feel like eating anything that wasn't fried! haha I guess I am still food addicted!!!
We ended up at the vegetables store and got tons of good stuff. They had a good melon and later we got some raw ham.. That mixed together is awesome! Yum yum.. As well as the baked egg Emilio made with mushrooms, spinach and raw ham.. It wasn't the healthiest meal but it was just what I wanted!
I was suppose to walk 5 km today but because of the bad weather I didn't do it. Though I did walk to my doctor and home which is around 5.5 km.. So I did walk my 5K but I wouldn't call it a real walk as we were walking really SLOW!! :)

Breakfast: 2 eggs, a carrot, a paleo bread and a small piece of chicken.

Lunch: Steak with panned cabbage in a dressing of orange juice and almonds. 

 Dinner: Melon with raw ham. Egg with spinach, mushrooms and raw ham. YUM  I didn't eat it all, but I just didn't take a picture of my plate but instead of the traces! :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 18 of whole 30

I felt awesome today. My body is definitely getting smaller!

Breakfast: 3 eggs, tomato and a paleo bread. (This is getting a bit BORING! Any good ideas for breakfast?)

 Lunch: Left over stew with some nuts.

Dinner: I didn't take a picture but I had chicken lever and neck. On the side panned eggplants (is taste so good) and cabbage. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 17

No pain no gain!

Yesterday was actually a good day! For those of you, who has been following me for a long time know that I basicly Hates to work out! I guess it has to do with my childhood, where I would always be the last picked at soccer, slowest runner (basicly I could only walk). I loved to dance, but as I grow I started to be way bigger than my dance partner and then it just wasn't as fun anymore.. I remember being picked to hockey back in primary school. The boys would pick me because they said I was so fat that I would cover the whole goal. Back then it was hurt full. I mean it still is when I am looking back, remembering how evil kids can be to each other. 
These bad memories is probably one of the reasons why I just always hated working out (and still do). I have that stupid feeling that when I step in to a gym, everyone is looking at me thinking shit look at that fat women. And I mean even if that was the case then who cares.. I care!!!!
I hate people not seeing me for who I am, but instead for someone fat. On the other hand when I see a fat person at the gym I always think HEY WAY TO GO BUDDY!! Isn't is awesome that this person is actually doing something to loss weight?!! HELL YES!!!

I have decided that no one is gonna stop me from working out! Yesterday I went for 5.5 km walk. It felt great to get out there.. But I must have twisted my ankle because it is hurting really badly today.. I am resting it until Friday where my next walk will be..

This is my work out plan:
Monday 5.5 km
Tuesday 5 km.
Wednesday 5.5 km
Thursday rest
Friday 5 km.
Saturday 10 km
Sunday rest.

Hopefully it will help my weight loss.

Scramble eggs, panned chicken, mushrooms and onions. On the side a tomato, avocado salad.

Lunch: Panned chicken with a carrot. I was planning on eating the orange on the picture but it tasted rather bad.. So I gave it to the garbage-can instead. 

Dinner: Stew made of carrot, celery, meat and bouillon. On the side smashed vegetables of carrot and sweet potatoes, mixed with an egg yolk. Delicious. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 16 of whole 30

Things are going really well. Not much more to say. I have made a plan for my work outs as well as some more weight loss goals but more about that in the next post.

Breakfast: Omelet with leftover vegetables (spinach, tomatoes, asparagus and onion) and some crab.

Lunch: Warm salad of mushrooms, asparagus and cashew nuts. Cold salad of celery and carrot. Served with Hot wings, chicken neck and chicken lever!

Dinner: Okay this isn't my plate :) The picture just looks better before cutting the chicken. IT is a chicken baked in the oven with a lot of vegetables ( Sweet potatoes, onion, red beets, carrot, garlic). The chicken is stuffed with parsley, lemon, carrot and celery.. YUM YUM... 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 15 of whole30. Weigh in!

Half way through the whole30. YEAH!!! :) 

It is also time for my first little school goal which was to be 112 kg by day 15. I went on the scale feeling good hoping for a good result and that was what the scale gave me. 111.5 kg OH yeah see that felt good I am under the goal by 0.5 kg! YES YES YES.. This mean I lost 1.6 kg during the last week which brings me to a total weight loss of 3.5 kg.

Felling good that is all I can say! Also I went for a 5.5 km walk today.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 carrot and 1 paleobread.

Lunch: 1 chicken thighs, 1 carrot some broccoli and a handful pistachio. 
The picture is apparently gone ?  

Dinner: White fish with a salad of spinach, fennel, asparagus, tomatoes and avocado.   

Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 14 of whole30 What is healthy food?!

Wow it has been 2 weeks already. It has actually been pretty easy, yes I still crave but I probably will do that for much longer. Somehow I think my brain always will crave for the "for bitten" food chooses.! 
My body is doing a lot better, I haven't had as much pain different places in my body as normally. Though I did have issues in my hips after I walked 10 km but I only take that as a sign of how bad a shape I am in right now. 
After I started my last class where the focus is on healthy lifestyle I have realized how different our conception of health is. If you look at the danish food advice, you will realized how unhealthy I am eating right now on Paleo.. I am apparently eating completely wrong, yet my body is feeling better, working better and I am losing weight.! I wont judge how other people eat but I do think we should be careful defining healthy food as it do depend on who we are!
Lets just look at milk. the danish food advice would tell you to make sure to drink enough milk.. YES drink milk to make sure you get your calcium. At the same time we see that a lot of people in Denmark has a lack of D-vitamins with means they wont be able to collect the calcium from the milk.. What is the point in drinking it then? :) I have never been drinking milk as I just don't like the taste, but that hasn't made me low on calcium because we also get the calcium from vegetables. I am not the one to judge whether milk is healthy or not but for me to offer our kids chocolate milk on a daily basis just isn't healthy then rather the kids not drinking milk.! 

Breakfast: Omelet with spinach, onions and crab. on the side some nuts. (To the quick ones then yes my omelet are in side out.. hahah.. I am not a fan of omelets that isn't 100 % cooked so I have started to turn the eggs before I add the stuffing..) It taste sooo good!!

Lunch: Leftover meat, some red beets, panned spinach, yellow pepper and cashews. Tasty!!

Dinner: chicken wrapped in bacon, peppers and onion all cooked in the oven. Broccoli boiled and a raw carrot salad. On the side a handful of pistachios. Delicious. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 13 of whole 30

I have been with out internet for the past day. That might doesn't sound like a big issue for normal people but for me it is a huge deal! The internet is for me a very important part of my life, as I use it as the only communication with all of my loved ones from Denmark, I use it for all of my studies as I am an online student. This is the important stuff but also I use the internet for my daily entertainment!
Enough about that I am back!!
Day 13 was a good day I did my 10 km walk in 110 min! Yeah my first small goal accomplished! It was a really nice walk, hard as hell YES!! but I felt good and tired after the walk. It got really hard after the first 6 km and the speed did go down as well but I am okay with it. Next walk will be my 5 km on Monday.
Food wise was really good as well I ate what I was suppose to BUT I had cravings... Tons of cravings.. I thought those cravings was suppose to go away?

I had 2 boiled eggs, a yellow pepper and a handful nuts. Sorry I forgot a picture, but I guess you guys have seen enough all ready.. haha.. Typical breakfast!

Post workout meal:
1 scramble egg with a handful nuts.

Panned liver with onions, smashed sweets potatoes and carrots and a boiled red beets. SOO GOOD! Again not the best picture.

Piece of meat. (In Spanish Matambre) with panned sweet potatoes and raw carrots. YUM YUM.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 12 of whole 30

Today was good! I woke up with a little cold but it seems to be gone again already. I haven't been resting really well lately, not sure why though. Any good ideas of how to get some good rest?

I got to walk a 5 km in 45 min today. I am really happy about that workout, as it was a lot faster then the 60 min I did it on Wednesday! :) I guess the tip I got from a study made actually help. She told me to use music to speed the walk up. Tomorrow is time for my 10 km hopefully it will go as good as today!

As a part of my school project I was reading a blog from a guy who goes to the same class as me. He was explaining how he didn't believe in diets, But it was about eating healthy and exercise. We could start a too debate what is healthy and not but that will be another post! He also wrote about not making life boring by being fanatic. I agree in a lot of his thoughts, but there is different perspective on a diet whether you need to loss 5 kg or 50 kg! For the people who need to loss a huge amount of weight can't do it with out being a bit fanatic in my opinion. If we allow our self to eat unhealthy at special occasions, then suddenly you end up eating unhealthy 5 times a month! That will run some of your weight loss and that is simple to hard on a person who needs to loss 50 kg or even more. To keep the motivation up a loss on the scale is so freaking important! And if we keep eating the sugar at special occasions, then we will keep being addicted and that suddenly takes the 5 times a month to 10 time... And then ups a month with old food habits went by together with a big gain..!
Also exercising isn't easy to do if you are 50 kg or even more overweight. I am following this an amazing guys blog This guy has done amazing improvement! All the things he has accomplish the last year is totally amazing. He has shown how small steps makes takes you to improve a lot.. He is my biggest inspiration I think it is amazing how he went from not being able to walk at all and to now where he can walk 2 miles. That is impressing. I know many wont see 2 miles as being a lot. But for a person who couldn't walk for 1½ year ago and is now able to walk 2 miles hey that is amazing! He makes me believe that one day I will be able to run 5 km. Right now I can only run 100 meter at a time and top 300 meter in a 5 km walk.. So I am taking small step but I can see the improvement and I know one day I will be running. Thank Josh keep the good work!
Omelet with spinach, mushrooms and tomato. On the side a piece of paleo bread. One of the best breakfast for a long time! 
The paleo bred is made of: 100g almond, 100g walnuts, 100g sesam, 100g sunflower seeds, 100g pumpkin seeds, 40 gram chia, 6 eggs, 80 ml olive oil, 1 tsp salt. All mixed together and cooked in a muffin tray. 

Lunch: The picture looks disgusting I know! To bad as it was actually pretty good. It is vegetables cooked with chicken neck and chicken lever. On the side a piece of paleo bred (I shouldn't eat that much of it.. oh well) And also a handful pistachio.   

Dinner: We are hoping to eat a bit more fish and this was the start. White river tuna baked in a folio with leek, carrot, ginger, lime, salt and chili oil. On the side is cooked celery, carrot and spinach cooked with some curry. REALLY TASTY!  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 11 of the whole 30!

Where is my coke, sushi and cheese?? Right now I am craving so bad.. 19 days left and it seems HORRIBLE to finish!! That being said then I sure will finish the last days.
Today I had to get up at 3 am to attend my school class. I am not sure why but my body just doesn't seems to be working at all when I get up that early. After a good debate with a schoolmate I have decided to make some subsidiary goal.

First subsidiary goal is going to be to loss 600 grams in the first week of the school project. That means the scale has to show 112kg on Tuesday. It should be possible.
To reach the goal I will add in some more exercise. To make sure I reach this I have made myself a work out calender for this week.
- Friday walk 5 km. (50 min)
- Saturday walk 10 km.(115min)
- Monday walk 5 km.(50 min)
Food wise was okay today I did eat to much for dinner but it was to much of healthy stuff :)

1 small chicken ball, scramble egg, yellow pepper, ½ avocado and some panned egg plant.

It didn't taste neither look good! But is is panned carrots and cabbage in some tomato pure, 1 chicken ball and 2 sunny eggs. Topped with a handful nuts.

After a bad lunch I was planning on a delicious dinner! Here a big steak with risotto (Made of one cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach and a little bit of fond) Topped with strawberry's.In Argentina it is high season! YUMMI.. Also I had 1½ piece of paleo bread! I know most people would say it isn't whole30 because it looks like normal bread. But as it only contain things that whole30 allows then I have decided to eat it in moderate portions. 

Any good recipe for breakfast? I am out of ideas!!