Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 16 of whole 30

Things are going really well. Not much more to say. I have made a plan for my work outs as well as some more weight loss goals but more about that in the next post.

Breakfast: Omelet with leftover vegetables (spinach, tomatoes, asparagus and onion) and some crab.

Lunch: Warm salad of mushrooms, asparagus and cashew nuts. Cold salad of celery and carrot. Served with Hot wings, chicken neck and chicken lever!

Dinner: Okay this isn't my plate :) The picture just looks better before cutting the chicken. IT is a chicken baked in the oven with a lot of vegetables ( Sweet potatoes, onion, red beets, carrot, garlic). The chicken is stuffed with parsley, lemon, carrot and celery.. YUM YUM... 

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