Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 19 of whole 30

One more day went by, it wasn't easy but I did manage to get through it in the best way I could. It was one of those days where I had to get up in the middle of night to attend a class. I didn't get much rest during the night because of a huge lightning storm.. Never the less I felt good in the morning.. To the point that I decided not to take my usual nap after the class ended. Maybe that was what went wrong because at dinner time I kind of lost it! I just felt like eating everything unhealthy in the world. But thank god Emilio didn't let me do that. Instead we went to my eye-doctor, who figured out that I need new classes.. YEAH hopefully that will make me able to see again!! =) Though going to the doctor resulted in a really late dinner, as we wasn't home before 8:30pm. With out food in the fridge and no stores open we had to improvise. Also I just didn't feel like eating anything that wasn't fried! haha I guess I am still food addicted!!!
We ended up at the vegetables store and got tons of good stuff. They had a good melon and later we got some raw ham.. That mixed together is awesome! Yum yum.. As well as the baked egg Emilio made with mushrooms, spinach and raw ham.. It wasn't the healthiest meal but it was just what I wanted!
I was suppose to walk 5 km today but because of the bad weather I didn't do it. Though I did walk to my doctor and home which is around 5.5 km.. So I did walk my 5K but I wouldn't call it a real walk as we were walking really SLOW!! :)

Breakfast: 2 eggs, a carrot, a paleo bread and a small piece of chicken.

Lunch: Steak with panned cabbage in a dressing of orange juice and almonds. 

 Dinner: Melon with raw ham. Egg with spinach, mushrooms and raw ham. YUM  I didn't eat it all, but I just didn't take a picture of my plate but instead of the traces! :)

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  1. Food looks good! specially dinner! Emilio has a really good hand for cooking doesn't him? Is he losing weight as well? You should post some pictures...xx claire