Friday, January 31, 2014

Life is back!

My last post was so depressing! Things just wasn't coming my way but thank god things changed. We got power and water back Sunday night, which was the beginning of a fresh weight loss start.
I feel like we have been on a diet for so long but the true is that my weight has been stable between 109-110.5kg ever since October. It is a good thing that I manage to stay stable but with so much weight to loss then I don't have time for this!
I knew the scale would show a horrible number but I wasn't expecting it to be that bad! I went on and it showed 111.7kg
It was time to get back on track. Emilio and I decided to cut down on our meat, that way we would hopefully loss more weight but also safe some money. Therefor we have decided to eat soup once a day! Not a boring water soup but a good creamsoup, chickensoup, vegetable soup yeah you name it all kind of soup! That way we get tons of vegetables at one of the meals. The rest of the meals are normal Paleo. Protein, vegetables and healthy fat.
Also I try to drink tons of water and mate which is a kind of green tea! It seems like it is working well! So far I lost more than 2kg in the first 5 days, yes I do know it isn't all fat but hey I am stupid enough to just be happy and enjoy the scale going down.

Anyone that has a good soup recipe!? Not sure I will be allowed to cook the soup tonight, yesterday neither of Emilio and I was able to eat our soup as it was way to spicy! Ups but hey isn't chili suppose to make you burn fat? ;)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Angry? YES!! Frustrated? YES!!!!

My weight is going up that is for sure!

I was actually doing so fine until Thursday night.. Once again our building went out of power, and as I am studying through the internet then I NEED internet. So to be able to study and have shit to do I decided to move in to Starbucks. It is now 4 days later and we are still out of power and WATER!!!

Seriously it is impossible to stay at an apartment with out water. Even worse when you live at the 10th floor. Our emergency stairs are dangerous and  the emergency light went out 4 days ago so it is all DARK!! My legs are so sore but at least I get some good work outs.

The bad part is that we eat out for all of our meals which makes me put on weight. I love Starbucks but lets be honest, Frapuccino and Tea Chai Latte, bagels and all there other food just isn't healthy.

Hopefully life will be back to normal soon!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Weigh in

The past week has been so much fun..! Though not for the diet so I am really surprised and happy about the result!
I have lost ½ kg. That even though  I ate like crazy :) Saturday night we went out for Burger, onion rings, cheese fries and beer! It was a really nice night but had nothing to do with the diet :) I even got roses :)

OH yes we ate it all :)

Monday night we decided to go out for ice cream after dinner! It was a really good and BIG (emilios says small) ice cream.
You would think this should be enough crap in a few days but nope, yesterday after sleeping in I decided to go to Starbucks to get a frappucino for breakfast! ARGH it gotta stop, but it just feel so nice to get out of the house and enjoy each other.

Emilios birthday is coming up on Sunday, so we are going out for fondue! AKA CHEESE and CHOCOLATE fondue! Sound sooo freaking good!!

School stuff is going better, looks like we are almost done with out project! That makes me a little less stressed!

I hope to be at the same weight next week.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Life overwhelms me

Life goes up and down and I am sure that is how it is suppose to be!

Lately things hasn't turned out the way I wish it would. I am finishing the 4th semester of my bachelor and that is taking a lot of my time. When I do something, I like to do it with my whole hearth. Meaning I want to do things perfect and with the time it takes. Unfortunately that just ins't possible right now, as there is so much to read,  so many exercises to do all together with a big project that I have to finish and while I need to do all this I still need to attend classes... Honestly I can't wait for January to finish and get to start on my 5th semester. Not that I think it will be much better, as we are starting out with an exam right away, but still I hope there will be more time doing the 5th semester to actually work with the topics. 

Together with all the stress from school, I still have to deal with stress from other part of my life. I just fixed my visa so I don't need to worry about that again as it will last for 90 days. It shouldn't be stressing to fix that as it isn't a big deal here in Argentina.. Basically you just show up at an office stay in line wait 1000 of hours, pay some money and VOILA your visa has been extended. My whole issue with all this is that my Spanish still isn't good, and the people at the immigration office doesn't speak English, so yeah I was hoping not to screw it up! It all went well and with some help of good contacts I got to do it all in just a few hours!! 

The fact that I have a 90 days visa now also makes my departure date comes closer. I will be leaving Argentina in just 88 days. On one hand I am really excited to go back to Denmark as I really miss my life, family and friends there.. I have been in contact with my old work and hope to start there again as soon as I get home.... BUT it also mean that I have to say good bye to Emilio once again! I honestly thought we were done living apart, but we will need to do that again. It is never easy to be separate for long time, but I guess my life isn't suppose to be easy. Right now we have no idea, of when we will be back together, but I true hope it wont be to long. I have made a limit of 3 months apart, so I guess no matter what, then we will see each other in July. How or where is something I can't know, but I hope it will be Emilio who will be moving to Denmark to live with me. I guess time will show.

All these things is taking a lot of my thoughts everyday and leave me so tired. I wish the scale would go down as I really need to loss weight before getting pregnant, but it just doesn't happen right. I have been stocked at this weight since SEPTEMBER!!! I am not sure what I am doing wrong as I really feel that I am eating the right things.. Mmmh Maybe I am just eating to much? YEAH I think that is what is wrong together with the fact that I am not moving around at all.. Most of my day is sitting down in bed studying or crochet.

Crossing my fingers to get under 109 kg by the 14th of January.


Friday, January 3, 2014

A new year has started

Wow 2014 is already here! 

I have really big expectation for this year, hopefully I will accomplish at least some of all of my dreams. 

It is my goal to loss 20 kg this year, and Emilio and I are already back on track, trying to stay on a healthy diet. Christmas time wasn't good for me I did gain some kilos, but Emilio actually manege to drop some kilos, not sure how he does it haha... Hopefully I will find a way of motivate myself to do some exercise. But most important I will keep eating after the Paleo rules. 

2014 is also the year where I am moving back to Denmark. I am really excited about starting a "normal" life again. Hopefully Emilio will get to join the life in Denmark as well this year so we finally can start building a home and home together.

What is you guys plans for 2014.