Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Sorry for the delay! I haven't really had anytime in front of the computer. The true is that I have been feeling weird. My motivation gone again!!!! I miss Emilio a lot and I take it out on food. Yesterday I hate chocolate sauce straight from the tray gross I know!
It is kind of sad as I was so happy during my first few week. I think trying to keep myself so busy that I dont have time to think is stupid!
Anyway I will try to get back on track, fighting myself though the next 5 days looking forward for my trip to the us Tuesday morning.
Tomorrow is gonna be hard valentines day with out Emilio feels weird! And then again Friday is my birthday which I have to celebrate with out him. Thank god I have so many good memories from last year together with the fact that my family is coming for dinner!

Enjoy valentines day tomorrow.

Emilio I love u

Monday, February 11, 2013

weight in

After a crappy week I was ready for a gain!!! but I lost 200g so now I am 103.2kg!

I will come back tomorrow!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Work is my new life

Shit I have been busy the past week!! Like in REALLY busy.... I like being busy I really do but it is hard to keep my healthy life style while working so much!!!

All the work has taking me to eat SUGAR lots of SUGAR!!! I am starting to fear the scale on Sunday as I know I have been eating way to much cake and to many pieces of bread. It really sucks as I was doing so well!!!!!

I am gonna be back on track tomorrow, hoping to change this and get back on track! Tomorrow I have to work from 9:30-22:15 CRAZY!! But I will do my best!

I will let you know about the weight in Sunday! :)

Monday, February 4, 2013


First week back home in Denmark has been crazy! Seriously I have barely been home yet as I have been working a lot. Good thing about is that I don't have time to eat every minute though we have a lot of cake at my work... Not good for me! =)
When it comes to the food I think I did pretty well. I still ate things that I regret, (to much cake at work) BUT I have been eating a lot more vegetable. Next week I will be trying to avoid even more crap but hey we have to start some wear... 


I lost 1.7 kg in the past week, so that scale now say 103.4 kg. So happy about it.

Off to my next work. =)