Thursday, December 12, 2013

Final status for my school project!

The 7 weeks are already over and it is time to make status on the project. As I was already in the progress of loosing weight then I honestly didn't change much. I kept doing what I already started, the Paleo lifestyle.

I made the goal to loss 3.6kg in 7 weeks, which would take me from 112.6kg to 109kg. It might not sound like a lot, but as I was already on the track of loosing weight I knew it wouldn't be going really fast. I still would have loved a better result but I DID LOSS 3.6kg. I hit my goal when it comes to the weight loss and that feels amazing. My total weight loss is now 6kg!

I also made a goal to walk 3 times a week and I was suppose to walk 30km a week by now. Let me be honest that didn't happen. It should have and I am kind of mad at myself for not doing it but the true is that the heat in Argentina is killing me! My body just can't work with 30 Celsius degrees.

The Paleo lifestyle definitely changed my life style, and I both feel better and look better :) Even though this school project has come to an end then my weight loss journey is still in the start phase.

This weekend will be a huge challenge. We are so lucky to have a visit from a German Girl who we meet in the state. I wont be able to follow Paleo for the next 3 days that together with Christmas coming up makes me a little scared. I have therefor made a pretty small goal for the last 19 days of December.

Next goal is to be 108 kg by the 31st of December.

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