Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 11 of the whole 30!

Where is my coke, sushi and cheese?? Right now I am craving so bad.. 19 days left and it seems HORRIBLE to finish!! That being said then I sure will finish the last days.
Today I had to get up at 3 am to attend my school class. I am not sure why but my body just doesn't seems to be working at all when I get up that early. After a good debate with a schoolmate I have decided to make some subsidiary goal.

First subsidiary goal is going to be to loss 600 grams in the first week of the school project. That means the scale has to show 112kg on Tuesday. It should be possible.
To reach the goal I will add in some more exercise. To make sure I reach this I have made myself a work out calender for this week.
- Friday walk 5 km. (50 min)
- Saturday walk 10 km.(115min)
- Monday walk 5 km.(50 min)
Food wise was okay today I did eat to much for dinner but it was to much of healthy stuff :)

1 small chicken ball, scramble egg, yellow pepper, ½ avocado and some panned egg plant.

It didn't taste neither look good! But is is panned carrots and cabbage in some tomato pure, 1 chicken ball and 2 sunny eggs. Topped with a handful nuts.

After a bad lunch I was planning on a delicious dinner! Here a big steak with risotto (Made of one cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach and a little bit of fond) Topped with strawberry's.In Argentina it is high season! YUMMI.. Also I had 1½ piece of paleo bread! I know most people would say it isn't whole30 because it looks like normal bread. But as it only contain things that whole30 allows then I have decided to eat it in moderate portions. 

Any good recipe for breakfast? I am out of ideas!! 

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  1. Hi Line food's looking good and you seem to have great initiative! Congratulations, please keep blogging and keeping us updated. Nice to read you, Claire.