Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bad week good weight in!

Food wise this has been a really bad week..! Thursday I had pizza and Sunday I had a HUGE ice cream. (If you ask Emilio he would tell you that my ice cream were small NOT TRUE.. Haha) Beside this two stupid meals, I did good the rest of the week.
My biggest issue is to be creative for all of the meals... In Denmark my lunch would normally be an open whole grain sandwich, which is so easy. But now with this diet, I need to figure out what to cook for both Lunch and Dinner!! It seems like we just keep eating the same 5 meals over and over again! Not that those meals are bad THEY ARE ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD!! But it gets boring.. I guess it is time to get some Paleo cooking books! :)

Christmas is coming up! In Denmark that includes tons of UNHEALTHY food.. I guess that is how it is all over the world actually, I just seems to like the danish Christmas treats more. I love Christmas and all of the traditions. This year will be different, as I will be in Argentina during the Christmas month. First of all the weather is different. I am use to snow or at least freaking cold weather! But now in Argentina it is freaking hot, we already have more than 30 degrees a day.. It is HORRIBLE!!!! Another very different tradition is the food. I am use to my duck, pork, caramelized potatoes, gravy and a delicious rice, cream almond dessert. This will all have to wait for next year, though I am planning on making a small danish Christmas dinner for Emilio and I for the 23th of December.. It is a hard time of the year, as I am missing my family as hell!! But I will try and enjoy it because next year Emilio and I will be together in Denmark celebrating Christmas..  

The scale showed a 0.5kg loss since last week which is perfect.

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