Friday, November 22, 2013

Feeling sick :/

The last few days hasn't been good at all. I have lost my energy completely and my body has been in pain. to the fact that I have been having migraine twice this week :(

Food I have been doing excellent if you ask me. Except from yesterday night where we decided to enjoy each other and get some ice cream. I know it wont help my weight loss but it was a nice evening.

The scale isn't really showing any results which doesn't make things easier either. I think it is time to push myself to work out even though my body is in pain. Hopefully that will get my energy level up.

Tuesday was a horrible and quit scary day as the police tried to catch a criminal person, who has been living in the apartment upstairs. It ended up in a shooting episode. Crazy!!

I have decided to skip root-vegetables to eliminate carb in my diet. I will still get carb as they are in every vegetable and fruit but I will try to eat the vegetables with less than 5g of carb pr. 100g.

Weigh in will be next Wednesday.

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