Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 25 of whole30

Day 25 was really good! Things really seems to get easier which feels good! Cravings are gone completely to the fact that I feel ready to give up my coke zero for good... I will not deny myself coke zero for the rest of my life but I will try to keep it to a minimum... For me a minimum is, to keep my joy of coke zero to special occasions like Birthdays, Holidays or other special celebrations... Lets see how that goes :)

During my school project we have focus a lot on a healthy lifestyle. For me health is a complicated word because we have different conceptions of health and what it includes. Are we healthy if our BMI is between the normal 18,5-24,9? For me the answer is no. Just because we keep our weight in a healthy BMI doesn't mean that we get the nutrition that our body need. This takes me to a questions I have been wondering for a long time.
-        Is a calorie just a calorie?
If I wanna loss around 0.5kg a week then I should eat around 1500 calories a day. (If I decided a diet for which I had to count calories, this isn't my case... But I still find it interesting.) My questions is here would 1500 calories food coming from Fast food like Taco bell, Mac Donald or Pizza hut be as good as 1500 calories coming from homemade salad and meat? If a calorie is just a calorie then the questions would be yes?! I am not talking about not being hungry or anything but just the fact that so many people say eat less calories than you burn and you will loss weight.. Sounds simple but I believe a healthy weight loss takes a healthy diet which included lots of vegetables, good protein and healthy fat. Because a diet like that will give us all the nutrition and vitamins that we need for our body to work. Just as our body react differently to different food..

What do you think? Is a calorie just a calorie?

Let me first post a good drink! For me water gets a bit boring during a whole day so we have tried to make healthy drinks. The other day I made a ginger drink, which was basic shredded ginger, slice of lemon and ice water. It was really good..
The drink on the picture is a home made Icetea that Emilio made the other day.. It is really good! Basically he boiled water and just added normal tea.. Then he made it rest for a long time in the fridge.. It is best ice cold.. YUM YUM

2 eggs, ½ red pepper and avocado.

Lunch: chicken wings with a red cabbage salad. I love wings but I need to drop them to much fat!

Osobuco stew and on the side butternut squash fries baked in the oven.. It was soo tasty...

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  1. A calorie IS a calore, yes - BUT you'll find that some foods "feed" you better (keep you fuller longer, give you energy, etc) and some will leave you feeling hungry quickly - then you will be needing more calories, so you may end up eating more during your day.
    HOWEVER, the good thing about all calories being equal is that it leaves room for a treat here and there with NO guilt.
    Just my opinion!