Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 17

No pain no gain!

Yesterday was actually a good day! For those of you, who has been following me for a long time know that I basicly Hates to work out! I guess it has to do with my childhood, where I would always be the last picked at soccer, slowest runner (basicly I could only walk). I loved to dance, but as I grow I started to be way bigger than my dance partner and then it just wasn't as fun anymore.. I remember being picked to hockey back in primary school. The boys would pick me because they said I was so fat that I would cover the whole goal. Back then it was hurt full. I mean it still is when I am looking back, remembering how evil kids can be to each other. 
These bad memories is probably one of the reasons why I just always hated working out (and still do). I have that stupid feeling that when I step in to a gym, everyone is looking at me thinking shit look at that fat women. And I mean even if that was the case then who cares.. I care!!!!
I hate people not seeing me for who I am, but instead for someone fat. On the other hand when I see a fat person at the gym I always think HEY WAY TO GO BUDDY!! Isn't is awesome that this person is actually doing something to loss weight?!! HELL YES!!!

I have decided that no one is gonna stop me from working out! Yesterday I went for 5.5 km walk. It felt great to get out there.. But I must have twisted my ankle because it is hurting really badly today.. I am resting it until Friday where my next walk will be..

This is my work out plan:
Monday 5.5 km
Tuesday 5 km.
Wednesday 5.5 km
Thursday rest
Friday 5 km.
Saturday 10 km
Sunday rest.

Hopefully it will help my weight loss.

Scramble eggs, panned chicken, mushrooms and onions. On the side a tomato, avocado salad.

Lunch: Panned chicken with a carrot. I was planning on eating the orange on the picture but it tasted rather bad.. So I gave it to the garbage-can instead. 

Dinner: Stew made of carrot, celery, meat and bouillon. On the side smashed vegetables of carrot and sweet potatoes, mixed with an egg yolk. Delicious. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 16 of whole 30

Things are going really well. Not much more to say. I have made a plan for my work outs as well as some more weight loss goals but more about that in the next post.

Breakfast: Omelet with leftover vegetables (spinach, tomatoes, asparagus and onion) and some crab.

Lunch: Warm salad of mushrooms, asparagus and cashew nuts. Cold salad of celery and carrot. Served with Hot wings, chicken neck and chicken lever!

Dinner: Okay this isn't my plate :) The picture just looks better before cutting the chicken. IT is a chicken baked in the oven with a lot of vegetables ( Sweet potatoes, onion, red beets, carrot, garlic). The chicken is stuffed with parsley, lemon, carrot and celery.. YUM YUM... 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 15 of whole30. Weigh in!

Half way through the whole30. YEAH!!! :) 

It is also time for my first little school goal which was to be 112 kg by day 15. I went on the scale feeling good hoping for a good result and that was what the scale gave me. 111.5 kg OH yeah see that felt good I am under the goal by 0.5 kg! YES YES YES.. This mean I lost 1.6 kg during the last week which brings me to a total weight loss of 3.5 kg.

Felling good that is all I can say! Also I went for a 5.5 km walk today.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 carrot and 1 paleobread.

Lunch: 1 chicken thighs, 1 carrot some broccoli and a handful pistachio. 
The picture is apparently gone ?  

Dinner: White fish with a salad of spinach, fennel, asparagus, tomatoes and avocado.   

Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 14 of whole30 What is healthy food?!

Wow it has been 2 weeks already. It has actually been pretty easy, yes I still crave but I probably will do that for much longer. Somehow I think my brain always will crave for the "for bitten" food chooses.! 
My body is doing a lot better, I haven't had as much pain different places in my body as normally. Though I did have issues in my hips after I walked 10 km but I only take that as a sign of how bad a shape I am in right now. 
After I started my last class where the focus is on healthy lifestyle I have realized how different our conception of health is. If you look at the danish food advice, you will realized how unhealthy I am eating right now on Paleo.. I am apparently eating completely wrong, yet my body is feeling better, working better and I am losing weight.! I wont judge how other people eat but I do think we should be careful defining healthy food as it do depend on who we are!
Lets just look at milk. the danish food advice would tell you to make sure to drink enough milk.. YES drink milk to make sure you get your calcium. At the same time we see that a lot of people in Denmark has a lack of D-vitamins with means they wont be able to collect the calcium from the milk.. What is the point in drinking it then? :) I have never been drinking milk as I just don't like the taste, but that hasn't made me low on calcium because we also get the calcium from vegetables. I am not the one to judge whether milk is healthy or not but for me to offer our kids chocolate milk on a daily basis just isn't healthy then rather the kids not drinking milk.! 

Breakfast: Omelet with spinach, onions and crab. on the side some nuts. (To the quick ones then yes my omelet are in side out.. hahah.. I am not a fan of omelets that isn't 100 % cooked so I have started to turn the eggs before I add the stuffing..) It taste sooo good!!

Lunch: Leftover meat, some red beets, panned spinach, yellow pepper and cashews. Tasty!!

Dinner: chicken wrapped in bacon, peppers and onion all cooked in the oven. Broccoli boiled and a raw carrot salad. On the side a handful of pistachios. Delicious. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 13 of whole 30

I have been with out internet for the past day. That might doesn't sound like a big issue for normal people but for me it is a huge deal! The internet is for me a very important part of my life, as I use it as the only communication with all of my loved ones from Denmark, I use it for all of my studies as I am an online student. This is the important stuff but also I use the internet for my daily entertainment!
Enough about that I am back!!
Day 13 was a good day I did my 10 km walk in 110 min! Yeah my first small goal accomplished! It was a really nice walk, hard as hell YES!! but I felt good and tired after the walk. It got really hard after the first 6 km and the speed did go down as well but I am okay with it. Next walk will be my 5 km on Monday.
Food wise was really good as well I ate what I was suppose to BUT I had cravings... Tons of cravings.. I thought those cravings was suppose to go away?

I had 2 boiled eggs, a yellow pepper and a handful nuts. Sorry I forgot a picture, but I guess you guys have seen enough all ready.. haha.. Typical breakfast!

Post workout meal:
1 scramble egg with a handful nuts.

Panned liver with onions, smashed sweets potatoes and carrots and a boiled red beets. SOO GOOD! Again not the best picture.

Piece of meat. (In Spanish Matambre) with panned sweet potatoes and raw carrots. YUM YUM.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 12 of whole 30

Today was good! I woke up with a little cold but it seems to be gone again already. I haven't been resting really well lately, not sure why though. Any good ideas of how to get some good rest?

I got to walk a 5 km in 45 min today. I am really happy about that workout, as it was a lot faster then the 60 min I did it on Wednesday! :) I guess the tip I got from a study made actually help. She told me to use music to speed the walk up. Tomorrow is time for my 10 km hopefully it will go as good as today!

As a part of my school project I was reading a blog from a guy who goes to the same class as me. He was explaining how he didn't believe in diets, But it was about eating healthy and exercise. We could start a too debate what is healthy and not but that will be another post! He also wrote about not making life boring by being fanatic. I agree in a lot of his thoughts, but there is different perspective on a diet whether you need to loss 5 kg or 50 kg! For the people who need to loss a huge amount of weight can't do it with out being a bit fanatic in my opinion. If we allow our self to eat unhealthy at special occasions, then suddenly you end up eating unhealthy 5 times a month! That will run some of your weight loss and that is simple to hard on a person who needs to loss 50 kg or even more. To keep the motivation up a loss on the scale is so freaking important! And if we keep eating the sugar at special occasions, then we will keep being addicted and that suddenly takes the 5 times a month to 10 time... And then ups a month with old food habits went by together with a big gain..!
Also exercising isn't easy to do if you are 50 kg or even more overweight. I am following this an amazing guys blog This guy has done amazing improvement! All the things he has accomplish the last year is totally amazing. He has shown how small steps makes takes you to improve a lot.. He is my biggest inspiration I think it is amazing how he went from not being able to walk at all and to now where he can walk 2 miles. That is impressing. I know many wont see 2 miles as being a lot. But for a person who couldn't walk for 1½ year ago and is now able to walk 2 miles hey that is amazing! He makes me believe that one day I will be able to run 5 km. Right now I can only run 100 meter at a time and top 300 meter in a 5 km walk.. So I am taking small step but I can see the improvement and I know one day I will be running. Thank Josh keep the good work!
Omelet with spinach, mushrooms and tomato. On the side a piece of paleo bread. One of the best breakfast for a long time! 
The paleo bred is made of: 100g almond, 100g walnuts, 100g sesam, 100g sunflower seeds, 100g pumpkin seeds, 40 gram chia, 6 eggs, 80 ml olive oil, 1 tsp salt. All mixed together and cooked in a muffin tray. 

Lunch: The picture looks disgusting I know! To bad as it was actually pretty good. It is vegetables cooked with chicken neck and chicken lever. On the side a piece of paleo bred (I shouldn't eat that much of it.. oh well) And also a handful pistachio.   

Dinner: We are hoping to eat a bit more fish and this was the start. White river tuna baked in a folio with leek, carrot, ginger, lime, salt and chili oil. On the side is cooked celery, carrot and spinach cooked with some curry. REALLY TASTY!  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 11 of the whole 30!

Where is my coke, sushi and cheese?? Right now I am craving so bad.. 19 days left and it seems HORRIBLE to finish!! That being said then I sure will finish the last days.
Today I had to get up at 3 am to attend my school class. I am not sure why but my body just doesn't seems to be working at all when I get up that early. After a good debate with a schoolmate I have decided to make some subsidiary goal.

First subsidiary goal is going to be to loss 600 grams in the first week of the school project. That means the scale has to show 112kg on Tuesday. It should be possible.
To reach the goal I will add in some more exercise. To make sure I reach this I have made myself a work out calender for this week.
- Friday walk 5 km. (50 min)
- Saturday walk 10 km.(115min)
- Monday walk 5 km.(50 min)
Food wise was okay today I did eat to much for dinner but it was to much of healthy stuff :)

1 small chicken ball, scramble egg, yellow pepper, ½ avocado and some panned egg plant.

It didn't taste neither look good! But is is panned carrots and cabbage in some tomato pure, 1 chicken ball and 2 sunny eggs. Topped with a handful nuts.

After a bad lunch I was planning on a delicious dinner! Here a big steak with risotto (Made of one cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach and a little bit of fond) Topped with strawberry's.In Argentina it is high season! YUMMI.. Also I had 1½ piece of paleo bread! I know most people would say it isn't whole30 because it looks like normal bread. But as it only contain things that whole30 allows then I have decided to eat it in moderate portions. 

Any good recipe for breakfast? I am out of ideas!! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 10 of whole30

1/3 of the project!

Day 10 went fine I wasn't feeling the best. Not much to say about the day, it was just one of the day we wants to end! 
Food wise I did perfect though no issue following the diet and I have realized that my hair feels and looks healthy! This is an amazing side effect!
Ysterday was work out day and I went for a 5km walk. It took me 1 hour so the speed is still a bit slow come pared to the school goal of walking 30km in 5 hours divided in 3 days.
I didn't get to take any pictures of other meals than dinner! 

Usual 2 eggs, ½ avocado and a yellow pepper.

Left over Osobuco with the smashed vegetables and a handful nuts.

Chicken balls made out of 2 chicken breast chopped and mixed with one egg and tons of spices. Side is some panned eggplant and a salad of cabbage and carrots. For the healthy fat I had ½ avocado. 
This meal was sooo good! But the eggplants takes to much oil on the pan so next time I will make them in the oven!

Day 9 of Whole30

Wow it is going fast!
I didn't get to post my day 9 yesterday, as my night ended fast. The day was fine and went by fast as I had tons of things to study. I didn't have much cravings nor pain! It is actually something I haven't been focusing on that much here on my blog, but I have been having tons of issues with pain in my body. I use to be sick all the time. My head, knee, hips, feet or belly would hurt, but all that pain seems to be going away! HELL YEAH!!! 
Food wise things seems to be going well. I am not really suppose to be counting calories on the whole30, but because of my school project I decided to do that! (You can check more about my school project here:
On day 9 I had around 1700 calories. Which is around the amount I have everyday actually. My body uses around 2200 calories a day. So I am under that by 500 calories a day. 

- 500 calories a day * 7 days = - 3500 calories a week. One kilo of fat is 7000 calories so by eating like this I should loss around 0,5 kilo a week. This is with out exercising. But it isn't this simple of cause tons of other things will influence. Such as mussels gain, water level you name it!

3 eggs, 1 avocado together with panned vegetables: 1 mushroom, ½ onion and 3 cherry tomatoes. 

I didn't take a picture but it was just the left over soup from the night before.

Osobuco made with carrot, cellery and tomato. Together with a smashed butternut squash, carrot and sweet potato mixed with one egg yolk. SOOOO GOOD!! :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

School project presentaion

Welcome to my weight loss blog! I have been on and off diets most of my life. I guess my weight has been what some people will call yoyo weight it goes down with 5kg and then I fast gain 10kg again. The result of a tons of diets my weight hits it top in Maj 2012. With a weight of 115kg. I knew it was time to do something about my health. I lost 16kg in 5 month but once again I started to gain weight. It took me back to my top weight again in August 2013. I have since then realized that now is my last changes!
My start on a better health started again in September 2013 and since then I have gone from 115kg to 112.6kg.
I am following the ideas behind Paleo and right now I am in the middle of my whole30. It is a plan where you cut everything out of your diet expect whole organic food. So no sugar, sweetener, grain ect.  
Paleo is about eating healthy and clean. It is about eating things that isn't processed and doesn't contain unhealthy E-numbers. So basically it is about eating how human ate back in the stone age (Paleo = Stenalderkost). My meals is therefor a mix of meat, vegetables, some fruit, and healthy fat.
I do care for exercise but it isn't my main focus point in this first part of my journey.

Goals for the next 2 months of the school project:

- Have a 3.6 kg weight loss. (Which will make me weight 109kg)
- Walk 3 times a week. (Long walks)
   - By the end of the 2 months I want to walk 30km a week in the time of 5 hours. (Divided in 3 days.)

Follow my way though the weight loss project. I will keep posting my food during the whole 30 and come with daily status of how my health is improving.

Day 8 weigh in

First week is done! 

I went on the scale hoping to see a loss. I lost 0,5kg during the first week, I guess I would have wished for more but my body just doesn't loss weight that fast. Anyway I am really happy with the result so far, I feel better, I have more energy, and most important less headache and no stomach pain! See that is amazing. I am sure this whole 30 is healthy both Emilio and I can feel the progress.
First week done and I feel pretty sure that we will accomplish the next 22 days with just as much success.
My blog will change a bit over the next 2 months as I as a part of a school class has to improve my healthy and document the progress in a training-blog. My goal is to loss 3.6 kg in those 2 months but more about the school project in my next post!

Today I had a little work out around 5 km.

egg omelet made on 2 eggs stuffed with ½ tomato and 2 tbsp chicken. Topped with avocado and ½ an apple on the side.

Lots of cabbage with a bit of olive oil and a piece of steak.

 Pre-workout meal:
½ apple and a handful nuts

Chicken soup with vegetables and chicken together with a handful pistachios. NAM

Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 7 first week!

Wow first week is over! It has been a lot easier than what I was expecting! Yes I did have the headache, wanted to quit, felt hungry between meals... But over all it has been easy and has already made a change in my health! I am over my headaches, done feeling hungry but not all done feeling like quieting. Though I am sure I will finish it!
Today was a really good day, I woke up after a bad sleep but my day has been really good. I haven't done much other than using my laptop but it has been nice and relaxing!
Status after first week is that my body defiantly works better with out gluten!
My skin has turned REALLY bad but I am expecting that to change soon.. As I think it is a result of my body getting clean. So far I can't see any differences in my body shape but Emilio thinks he can see something. Not convinced though :)
About the scale I won't be able to give you an answer before tomorrow. I am really hoping to see a lower number but not sure about that. No matter what then I will continue this challenge and finishing it.

No talk about Coke Zero yet?!!! Yes I do miss it and I could have a could glass out it right NOW!! but during the day it isn't something that I miss anymore! Wow!!

I had to much food once again, specially dinner wasn't healthy with all the chicken wings but dam it was tasty.

Best breakfast:
scramble eggs, ½ tomato, ½ avocado and one Chorizo.  (Yes I probably shouldn't have had the Chorizo but it was so tasty and  not something I have everyday)

Cabbage, carrot panned with leftover meat mixed with the rest of the carry soup we had the other day!

Cabbage, little bit of orange, the cooked vegetables from the chicken stuck Emilio made and way to many spicy chicken wings. Lovely meal but but but way to much fat!
I will stay of chicken wings for a while now!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 6 Birthday party!

Yesterday was day 6 and the first day where I knew that there would be a big challenge. It was my future father in laws 60th birthday = PARTY = Soda, cake, snacks and of cause an Argentine barbecue. Normally Emilio and I follow the "danish" eating schedule which means dinner between 6-7.. But at his families house dinner is normally not served before 10.. With out a snack in the middle it seems to be forever between lunch and dinner. We decided to deal with it by having normal breakfast, then going for a 8 km walk.. We were back home around 11:30 and decided to eat a post work out meal to push the lunch a few hours. That way we had lunch at 3 and dinner at 10!
The party was fine with just as much temptation as expected, but I did fine.. I took my own cabbage salad and had it with my barbecue.. I did have way to much meat but I didn't drink any soda or ate any cake! Way to go!! :)
I didn't remember to take pictures yesterday :)

Omelet with leftovers meat and half a red pepper.

Post work out meal:
½ avocado, 1 egg, little bit of red pepper and some pistachio nuts. YUM!

1 big steak with a tomato

Lots of cabbage and TONS of meat.. Chorizo, Ribs (plane with out barbecue sauce), Matambre and a bit of chicken.

Okay I did eat to much meat I know but hey I didn't eat sugar, grain or anything else that I am not suppose to!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 5 it is getting hard

Yesterday was day 5 and the hardest so far!
I wasn't feeling bad or anything but my cravings was ridicules. Thank god there wasn't anything unhealthy in the apartment because else the day would have been bad.. I got through the day staying 100 % on track... My old habits of turning to food might have an influences as well.. Lets just say yesterday wasn't funny...

2 sunny eggs with ½ red pepper and some almonds.
Left overs from the day before.. As we had a cleaning lady doing our apartment I was eating this cold in bed which made it even better! YUM

Carry soup! Made with asparagus, carrot, coconut flour, carry, chili, garlic, ginger, chicken and homemade stock. It was spicy but pretty good..

 Felt like giving up?! Yes millions of time today.. But I am doing this!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 4 still doing good!!

So far so good!

Day for was pretty easy to go though I wasn't hungry between my meals. I am considering if my meals might be to big?
I have a lot more energy than I have had for a long time.. Weeee or it is kind of annoying not to be able to sleep in anymore.. Some how my body just feel like getting up at 7:30. I wounder if it is because of the sun or just because I am having more energy! 3 weeks ago I would sleep until 11 am every day and maybe even take a nap! Most people would be happy to get more energy, and it sure would be amazing with all this energy if I had a job and tons of stuff to do.. haha but right now it sometimes makes my days long! I guess I should get started with my studies, cleaning the apartment and spend some times out in the sun.. It is complicated not to work, when you for the past 7 years has worked a lot together with studying! I love to work, or probably more I love to spend money and that takes me to work a lot! :)
Food wise it has been pretty easy SO FAR!!! =) Though I am starting to have a lack of food ideas as well as craving for sushi! 
I guess people are right when they say planning is important for success. Maybe I should try and make a meal plan for next week.. Just not sure my boyfriend will appreciate that..!   

3 small eggs, half a tomato, half a red pepper together with 6 almonds and water!

steak together with panned onion and tomato. Together with the most delicious smashed vegi. (1 sweet potato and 1 carrot cooked until tender. Smashed with a handful fresh parsley, salt and a egg yolk).    

Grounded beef cooked with garlic, chili, nutmeg, tomato lots of cabbage and carrots. It was really good!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 3 on whole30

Today has been a lot better than yesterday. I had a horrible night as Argentina is getting freaking hot!! I sleep really poorly when it is hot in the room. Maybe the bad sleep made me wake up with a headache or maybe it was just the one from yesterday, not sure though..
After breakfast I was feeling a lot better.. I went for a small work out 3 km walk during the day and else mostly relaxed the energy level isn't getting up yet!
Also my cravings for Coke zero has been on a minimum today!! Say hell yeah!!

Small steak panned with an egg and a green onion. Together with it I had an apple and 6 almonds. Delicious! The picture is horrible sorry!

Leftover from yesterdays dinner. Stew, lettuces, avocado and 2 sunny eggs.. It was a lot better than yesterday!

Baked sweet potatoes, onions and garlic. With it a panned chicken breast marinaded in parsley and lemon. It was one of the best meals I have gotten for a while!

 I am so ready for day 4 I am feeling good!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 2

Still on track!

I didn't quit and I am not going to... But I had such a bad headache yesterday that I simply wasn't able to blog anything. Ever since I was 12 years old I have been having issue with migraine, it comes and go luckily I haven't had as many lately. If yesterdays headache was a result of another migraine or craving for my Coke Zero is something I will never no.. But it sure was one of the longest and worse pain I have ever had! It lasted a total of 18 hours :S Today I am feeling a bit better but my head is still hurting. 
The food yesterday was really good, I am still happy and ready to continue. 28 day to go!!! 

2 build egg, 1 red pepper, 1 avocado and lots of water. 

Chicken lever and chicken neck, cooked in green onions, red pepper, chili and oil. Served with lettuce and half a avocado.  

Dinner: Home made stew, with meat, carrots, celery, tomato. Served with lettuce. 

 The pictures doesn't look good but it dam did taste good!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Whole 30!

Fresh start

It has been quiet in here for the past week, as I have been on a trip. This have had a bad influence on my eating habits. To the point that I hate unhealthy Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Yeap sooooo Stupid and sooooo sad! Mostly because it put me back to the start weight! 
I find it crazy how I went from 115kg to 112.4kg in 3 weeks but only needed one week to gain it all back!
Oh well I am so ready to get back on track as my body was feeling incredibly bad! My stomach was hurting and I was in general just not feeling well.. Some of it might come from the fact that I had to sit for an important exam Thursday, but it was clear that all the white flour and sugar wasn't good for my health. After a lot of thinking and ready I have therefor decided to dedicate the next 30 days to 100% hard Paleo. I am going to do what is call the whole 30. 

- Only 3 meals a day
- Include protein, vegetables and healthy fat in every meal.
- one fruit a day.
- No sugar, flour or sweetener.
- No processed food.
- No dairy for the next 30 days.
- No coke Zero for the next 30 days..This is for sure what will be the hardest for me! I am addicted to this shit. 
- Work out 3-4 times a week.

For me it doesn't sound to hard. I am fearing the NO Coke Zero the most.. I know it will bring headache and other shitty stuff! I really hope it will kick start my weight loss. My goal for this 30 days is to get from 114,9kg to 109.9kg. It is a 5kg loss in just a month! I really hope it will happen.

Day 1 out of 30
My day was fine today. I was feeling well but a bit hungry between lunch and dinner! Also I got to walk 5km in the morning, which felt awesome!

2 eggs. ½ red pepper. ½ avocado. A cup of tea and lots of water.

1 chicken thigh. salad of cabbage, orange, walnuts and olive oil.

2 chicken legs. Salad of cabbage, orange, walnuts and olive oil. Panned Butternut squash and a home made mayonnaise. 

Feeling good ready for tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My health has improved!

Wow I can already fell a difference in my body!

It has been 2,5 week since Emilio and I started out on our weight loss journey again and things are going well..!
So far I haven't been having to many sugar cravings as I normally would! Though I have to admit that I did eat Ice cream last week Yeap so stupid.... It wasn't even that tasty! Instead of eating really unhealthy stuff like ice cream, yesterday I decided to buy some 70% chocolate! Just a little piece of it and I am in heaven!! Sooo good!!!
We have been trying to make some tasty Paleo food, and to be honest it is so easy to make tasty food following the Paleo rules! Only issue is that it sometimes gets complicated to be on a budget and still eat health after Paleo! This is because Vegetable as well as meat isn't cheap here in Argentina! To my surprise it is actually cheaper to buy those things in Denmark! Normally Denmark is know for being EXTREMELY expensive as we have a 20 % sales tax!
I can really feel a change in my body. Normally my belly brings me tons of issue! But not anymore, it seams to be working a lot better!! YEAH.... Just as I haven't had a bad headache for a week now! Normally I will have migraine 4 times a week.. All these health improvement together with my weight loss makes me sooo happy!!
I am so ready to just keep going! Let me share some meals pictures :)

First is my process to make a bread on just nuts, seeds, olive oil and egg! So easy yet soooo good!


Here is a vegetable lasagna! Instead of using pasta plates I used eggplant and cabbage! It was pretty good!

Here is the most delicious stew I ever have made! It is meat, whine, celery, carrots and tomato!

Chicken wings with a smash potatoes and a carrot tomato salad!

Tons of vegetables panned with chicken wings and chicken guts!