Sunday, September 30, 2012

Third week in a row

Yeah I lost weight for the third week in row! 

This week had been really busy but so good! I was so lucky to see my uncle, aunt and 2 cousins last Sunday which was awesome! Haven't seen them for 10 months and as the family person I am that is a hell of a long time :( As this wasn't enough to make my week I got to go out with my best friend yesterday. I always love spending time with her. She has been a big part of my life since I was just 3 years old. We stay together even though we are living so far away from each other. Isn't it amazing how some people stay in your life <3

I went to 3 Zumba classes this week. I really enjoy shaking my body to that music. Haha :)

About the food. I am not sure what to say. I did eat healthy but a little to much of it I guess =( 
Back to the result:
Start weight 115kg/253.5lbs
Last Sunday 102.9kg/226,9lbs
Today 102.1kg/225lbs
Lost this week0.8kg/1.9lbs
Total 12.9kg/28.5lbs

I am happy about the result but would have wished for some more. I guess more will always have more ;)

Time is flying by and unfortunately I haven't got to see my family as much as I want now when I am home in Denmark! Therefor I called my grandparents asking them to come here to visit me Wednesday. I am so excited to see them. My grand-mom is hell of a chef so I asked her to make my favorite dinner. 
It is fried bacon with potatoes and gravy! I know what you must be thinking. Like WHAT THE FUCK AM I THINKING?!!! haha I know this isn't the best meal but I have wanted this meal for the past 10 months so I will let myself eat it Wednesday. Even if the scale punish  me on Sunday :)

Have a great week =)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why do kids get fat?!

Is it the kids fall or the parents? 

I am taking an internship in a kindergarten, and honestly, I am choked of the lunch, that the parents prepare for their kids. 

The kids are in the age of 3-5, and have daily chocolate, cake, butter and other sugary things in there lunch packets. This have making me look back to my childhood. Why did I get to be that big as a kid?

My parents has always been telling me, that I got to be that big, not because we ate unhealthy at home, but because I ate to much.
I do know that I always have been eating a lot. In the age of 10, I eat like a grown up man. Though I have to go against my parents, and say that, we didn't eat that healthy at home. It was quite comment to get cake and other sweet stuff more than one time a week. Fast food here specially Pizza was also often to find at the dinner table. 

I will probably never be able to prove, what the reason to my over weight is, but no matter what I do believe that it is the parents responsibilities, to make sure that their kids, live a healthy life with out over weight.

My parents has always used the excuse, that I was stubborn and wouldn't listing to them. Which is true. 
Thought I still think they should have stopped med in an earlier age. I believe that they could have done a difference for my over weight. My parents has been trying to help me loosing weight before. Both by paying a nutritionist to help me with the food and by paying a gym. I am thank full for all of these thing but where the support really should have been. Was in the kitchen at home. Buying cake, ice cream and other unhealthy things isn't something that helps me loosing weight. I know I don't have to eat it!! But hey that isn't easy. If there wasn't unhealthy food in the kitchen I wouldn't been able to eat it! 

So my hope for all the parents out there! Take the responsibility for your kids and make sure they get a healthy start on their life! 

I love my parents and know how proud they are of my weight loss. I don't blame them for my overweight but I would have wished that they never had letting me gain so many kilos. Life as a fat girl hasn't always been easy.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weight in

Wow it is Sunday again! I can't believe how fast time is flying. 

It has been a really weird week. I have got this really really bad sickness. Or it is not really a sickness more like a obsession with there scale. Waking up at night time just wanting to go on the scale to check the number. That means I have been on the scale every single day. Something that I find completely stupid but honestly I can't help it. 
The scale have been going up and down doing the whole week and with a mini "vacation" to Roskilde from Monday to Tuesday I was kind of scared of the scale today. Not because I ate unhealthy, as a matter of fact I ate pretty healthy doing the whole week. Just because I am scared that the scale suddenly would say 115kg again. I guess I still haven't understand how much weight I have lost. The hope for this week was to be stable on the 103.1kg from last week where I lost 2.5kg.
I was happily surprised when I went on the scale and had a weight loss on 200g.

Start weight (May 2012): 115kg
Last Sundays weight: 103.1kg
Today's weight: 102.9 kg

Hey it isn't a lot but I did loss weight and that is what count! 
I have now lost 12.1kg and I am so proud of myself. My jeans are getting VERY big, the t-shirts is fitting much looser, I feel better and I look better. 
I am on my way to a healthier life. 
It is still my goal to be under 100kg before I am getting back to Emilio. I still have 5 weeks to accomplish it. I believe in it do you? :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

School trip to Roskilde

My fear this week was my school trip to Roskilde. 

I did my best to make sure that it wouldn't ruin my diet! It wasn't easy there is so many good things I would love to eat but I think I got through it really well.

As we were leavning my city at 4 in the morning I decided to pack a little breakfast for later. I packed some Whole grain dark bread with a boil egg. Not the most interesting but it was healthy =) To make sure I ate healthy for lunch I decided to pack a lunch box as well... But after 5 hours drive I totally forgot about the food and left it in my dads car!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That meant that I had to buy food at the school. It made me nervous until I saw the buffet. :) They had a really good salad. YES I was safe. Haha
Looking good right? :)
As we already were done having classes at 1 pm we decided to go down town. I had a sugar free Cafe latte. With out realizing it I forgot to ask for a low fat milk :( To bad.. 
There for I decided to have a big salad for lunch. Again a buffet where I also ordered a baked potato. I was feeling a bit bad (I think I needed some protein)! So I ate some cheese and chicken.. Again I am actually proud that I didn't order chicken wings, spare ribs or some of the other good shit! 
Salad with Chili and olive oil dressing! YUM
 Danish breakfast isn't the healthiest thing to eat. Normally it would be a lot of white brad with butter, cheese and jam. I really didn't wanted to eat this crap so I brought my own Oat meal with some almonds. It tasted really good. I just pure some hot water over it and made it rest for some minutes. Yum Yum. I am sure I will do this when I travel back to Argentina.

After classes I had 7 hours until my plane was flying. So I went to Joe and the Juice where I had the best Passion, Apple and pineapple juice and a avocado sandwich! Yep I failed I ate white/whole grain bread but I decided that it was a okay as there was not much bread and it had some whole grain flour in it. =)

For dinner I ate a salad with Salmon. I really think I did a good job.. I really hope this won't mean a weight gain. :( So I will be doing my best the rest of the week. This means Zumba tomorrow and only healthy food. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pure happiness

Sunday once again!

I woke up this morning with summer birds in my belly. The fear of a negative result on the scale was big. I knew I had been working really good and been working out a lot more than normally but STILL I feared that baster of a scale ;) 

Last weeks weight: 105.6kg (232,8lbs).
This weeks weight: 103.1kg (227,3lbs).

Say what!!!! I lost 2,5kg (5,5lbs). I am so happy now official under 230Lbs!! YEAH So dam happy :) I haven't been this "Small" since I left the state in April 2011. 

Not only I lost so much weight I also lost a 15 centimeters. This is one of my best weeks! I know there is still long way before I am down to the 80 kg. But I am so happy about what I eat and how things are going. I will and I know I can do this! Best of all in just 6 more weeks I will be back together with Emilio the best support you can imagine! There is no word to describe how much I miss that boy <3

Next week wont be as easy as this one. I have to go to school Monday and Tuesday in a city 4½ hour away from where I lived :( That means a hell lot of meals at restaurants. I will do my best no sugar and no white flour! But it also means I have to skip my zumba class both days. It is gonna be a busy week but I will do what ever I can to if not loss weight then at least stay the same!

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment on how you guys are doing!! :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Butternut squash soup!

I love cooking!

Also I love eating out. I just find it so challenging to eat out while being on a diet! It is not hard to find a restaurant that serve a good salad here in Denmark or when I was in London. As a matter of fact it is so easy! The only issue is that there is so many other things at the menu card calling my name. haha! The pizza section sounds amazing so do the pasta. :( To convince myself to go for the salad isn't always easy but it is getting better. 
As I am home in Denmark right now, I want to spend as much time with my friends as possible and often that means food! So far it has been working out well I am ordering my salad and a diet coke, even smoothies sometimes but here I have to be careful they add a hell lot of sugar to smoothies?!! WHY am I asking myself.. So I am starting to ask for a SUGAR FREE smoothie.. :) 

When I am not out with friends and not working (This isn't often but a few times a week) I really enjoy making a good healthy meal. 
I love butternut squash but I haven't had luck finding it here in Denmark. Until my mother came home with one the other day. Therefor I decided to make a Butternut squash soup with Bacon and cheddar toppings. 

Another thing I made this week was a really good tomato, rucola and mozzarella salad. (I am in Love with mozzarella) 
 I hope to get even more time to cooking but now when I am so busy I mostly just cook a big pot of quinoa and use that for a ever lunch doing the week mixed with some vegetables and protein! it is yummi but getting kind of boring! :) 

Tomorrow is weight in and I am nervous as HELL!! I am hoping for a really good result and doing the week the scale have been showing some good numbers. After a good week I also expect a big loss.!!

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment! I would love some food ideas :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

3 Zumba classes in 1 week!

In love with Zumba

I did it!!! Monday, Wednesday and Thursday was Zumba days. I signed up for these classes last week but honestly I didn't believe I would do it.. Haha

It wasn't easy to get out of the sofa Monday night after a long weekend in London. After a long talk with myself I decided to get my ass moved and get to the fitness center. It was the best work out ever. I was sweating like a PIG! But it felt amazing.

Wednesday was a bit easier to get out of the door. I had a good work out but nothing like my Monday class.

Today it was so easy to get out of the door. I have been waiting the whole day for the clock to be 4:30pm so I could work out. The teacher I have both Monday and Thursday is AMAZING!! She is such a big motivation! We not only dance, also we use some water bottles (they weight 2 pounds each) While we jump. Wow that trains my arms.

I am so proud of myself. I feel great about myself.

Hopefully it will pay of on Sunday!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Home from London

I am home after a fantastic weekend.

First to the less fun! As I wasn't home Sunday for my weight in I had decided not to make an official weight in! But yeah who am I trying to trick? 
I am not happy about saying it but I have to see the reality in my eyes I GAINED 700g since last Sunday. It is to bad as I don't feel like I ate that bad doing my trip to London. But the scale don't lie. The scale said 105,6kg so the goal for this Sunday will be to get back under the 100kg. 

After that being said lets go to the funny part!!! :)

London the city of my dreams

Thursday night was the day I had been waiting for! A whole weekend together with my mom and shopping on the program is paradise for every girl I guess.. Haha 
I tried to eat healthy doing my trip. Honestly I am so proud of the way it worked out. 

Picture time

Thursday night snack, Chili hummus with celery

Bags from the first shopping day
My mother and me ready for some shopping

Friday lunch. Best salad ever!

New earrings! 

In front of the queens house in my new dress!

The restaurant at Dorchester hotel
In front of The Dorchester hotel where we got a afternoon tea

The bathroom at The Dorchester hotel. One of the finest hotel in London

Waiting for the cake! Yep I ate white bread and sugar for the first time in 2 months!!

So good! Sandwiches with Salmon, chicken, tuna, cucumber and egg. Together with  a glass of champagne.!

Really taste cakes

Lunch at Jamie Olivers restaurant. Here Pork with potatoes


Dinner at a tapas bar. :)

This is a picture of Camden market!! I love this market :D
 Here some pictures of our hotel! If you ever are going to London! Make sure you stay here!

I Love London! And I Love shopping! If you haven't visit London yet you should really start planning a trip. I have been there 7 times now I still love going there! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First good work out

I did it!! 

After my first work out! You can't really see it but the sweat was dripping from my face! :D YaY
The first work out I got through was a Zumba fitness class. Wow that was hard but dam good!!! I have never in my life been sweating as much as I did doing that hour! 
It was really funny and felt amazing to work out that at the same time was a lot of fun! Defiantly not the last time I will be joining that class.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I am scared of gaining weight if I work out ?

First to this Sundays weight in

It has been a weird week. I have been eating the same way as last week but my body have been feeling bloated and my belly haven't been happy. After last weeks amazing weight loss was I excited about this week. The scale said 104.9kg which is a 100g lost which isn't good enough. On the other side I am just happy to still be under the 105kg! I will try to kick ass in until Thursday where I am leaving for a girl weekend in London. It is just a short vacation Thursday night to Sunday night. I will do my best to eat healthy in London BUT we have ordered a Afternoon tea at one of the best hotel in London. It is really expensive and I WILL be trying there cake and sandwiches. 
I know it will affect my weight loss and that is okay. Hopefully I will be able to hold my weight under the 105kg for next Sunday. 

Back to the work out

Yesterday when I was working at the fitness center a girl wanted to sign up for a membership. She told me how she had lost 25kg!! Wow good job. =) 
Her doctor told her to start working out and strength train. But she was afraid that her weight would go up because of the muscles gaining. That was when it hit me that I stupid as I am really are afraid of this as well. After talking with her I convinced her and MYSELF that working out is a good and healthy choose. I might "gain" weight the first week but after that I do know I will be loosing more weight as I will be burning more calories together with the effect of more muscles. Is there anyone else that have had this same feeling? 
No more excuses from me. I am starting my work outs now. 
Every week I have to accomplished:
  • 2 Zumba classes
  • 4 strength and cardio training sessions
  • 3 long works
I will be posting every time I work out.
Please don't let me make any more excuses!