Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pork with pure and peas.

I love to cook 

I really do love to cook. Thought it is getting hard to find new things to cook. Because of my working hours here in Denmark I have to plan a lot of meals. This weekend is full of work so today I had to prepare Thursday dinner together with Friday lunch and dinner AND Saturday lunch. Yeap 4 meals that I had to make at once. I could choose to eat the same for these 4 meals but that gets BORING! ;) 
Is there any one out there with some good lunch ideas?? Please leave a comment. 
Back to the Dinner I made today for my parents and me. 
Ever since Emilio made me a milanesa with parmasane cheese (It is fried meat that have been turn around in bread crumbs.)  the first time have I promised my mother to make it and today was the day. As I don't eat flour I decided just to pan the pork with chili for myself. 
Together with the pork I made a pure of ½ potatoes, ½ carrots. I really love to mix some vegetables in my smashed potatoes! :) I just mixed the potatoes and carrots with some of the water it had been boiling in. No butter or milk. It was so good!! I also made some peas. 

Here is a picture of my dinner I really loved it! 
This was my plate. Vegetable pure, peas and a piece of pork.
3 days left before next weight in! I am kind of scared but hoping for a good result! :)

Any good ideas of what to make for lunch and dinner that I can take with me in a topper ?! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

10 kg down!!

Finally it happened! 

10 kg down!
I am so happy =)

This week was a really good week. I ate nothing else than what I was suppose to and it payed of.!! I lost 2.5kg/5.5lbs which make my total weight loss 10kg/22lbs. What can I say else than I feel amazing. 
I have been waiting so much for being at the 105 kg and I am finally here now. It hasn't been easy and it has taking longer than expected but being here is amazing. This was my second goal to accomplices. Next goal is to hit the 100kg which I am expecting to do before I see Emilio again. 

I am totally ready for the next week and hoping for a good week again! 

Hope all of you had a good week. Thanks for following my blog.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cheap, easy, healthy and tasty food!

Tuna balls with Quinoa quiche!

I had kind of decided to take a break from blogging, as I have been super busy lately and didn't really feel inspired to post anything. Until now!!! My mom had some recipe for healthy and easy food that I could eat. It sounds so weird but it was (meat balls) made of can tuna. Together with a quiche made with Quinoa as the buttom/dough. 
Here is the recipe for the Tuna balls: (Makes 12 medium balls I ate 3 balls for dinner).
- 3 cans of tuna in water. 
- 1 onion chopped.
- ½ chili chopped.
- 1 red pepper chopped. 
- basil (I used fresh but I am sure you can use dried basil). 
- 2 eggs.
- 3/4 dl. oatmeal. 
- salt/pepper. 

Mix it all with a fork and press them with your hands in to small balls. Pan them in a little bit of olive oil for about 2 min on each side. Or until golden.  
Normal cheap can Tuna
Fresh basil 

The Tuna balls are getting panned in olive oil

The finish result so good!!
 When my mom first told me about these Tuna balls I though it sounded disgusting but I am totally in love with them!! You seriously have to try them they are so easy and cheap to make. Great for lunch as well.

Recipe for the quinoa quiches: (makes enough quiches for 6 people).

- 2 cups of cooked quinoa. (This is the crust of the quiches.) 
- ½ a chopped chili.
- 4 tomatoes chopped.
- 1 onion chopped.
- a little bit of Feta cheese. (You really don't need this but it just makes it a bit better.)
- 1 cup grated cheese
- 3 eggs.
- fresh basil.
- salt, pepper and nutmeg.
Mix all the ingredients (except the quinoa and grated cheese) in a bowl.
This is the quiches topping. All mixed together. 
In a pie dish add the quinoa in. Press it a little bit and make sure it is even distributed. (This is really easy.)
It should look like this. 
Pure the toppings on top and add the grated cheese.
I know this doesn't look good but just wait!
Bake for around 20 min or until the cheese is melted. So good!
Look at this. Ready for dinner? 
You can serve it cold or hot. I ate it hot and loved it!! But it felt apart which it didn't do when it got cold. Use the topping you like there is nothing you can't put in it! Enjoy
Tomorrow is weight day and I am so excited. I am expecting a really big loss this week.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Missing my better part

1 week past by

Being away from Emilio is really hard. I miss all the small things, we normally would do together. Small things such as eating breakfast together or just laying in his arm watching some Malcolm in the middle. =) (you should watch it. It is sooooo funny). But most of all I miss waking up next to him and see his big smile and I miss seeing him as the last thing before I go to bed. To miss someone that much makes it even harder to focus on my weight loss. 
To miss someone is something that I have had to get use to. There is always an other placed where I want to be. When I am together with Emilio in Argentina I am dreaming myself home to Denmark or back to my amazing host kids and mom in the US. That makes it really really hard to stay happy. 
I am trying to enjoy my time where ever I am but it has been hard for me so far. Though I think I am doing so much better now. By keeping myself busy and entertained makes it easier to be away from the loved ones. I have to enjoy it because soon I will be back with Emilio and away from friends and family so I only have a short time before I have to say goodbye again. 

Back to my weight loss all these thoughts complicates my weight loss as my normally weapons will be snacking a lot of unhealthy food. But not this time. I am doing great I am surrounded of amazing people which helps me a lot. Working with the sweetest kids have helped me realize how important a healthy diet is to keep me being healthy. Never in my life have I ever had the energy that I am having now. It is no longer an issue getting up at 6 in the morning and going though the day with out a nap. A thing that just 1 months ago would have been impossible. Before I started eating after the eat clean diet was I always tired. I had issue getting op in the morning and I would for sure need a nap doing the day. It feels amazing to have energy. I know the energy it thanks to my new diet and I am so thanks full.

Now I can do EVERYTHING!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I just can't get under the 107kg! 

Another week disappeared.  I was so excited when my alarm woke me up this morning at 5 o'clock. After a good week, were I had a lot of social events that all went well (with the food) I was ready for a good weight loss. I know I didn't eat 100 % what I should but I did say NO to every dessert. 
It didn't take long before the scale ruined my day. 107.5kg a 400g weight gain SAY WHAT!!!! I was so sad. I really don't understand how it could go so wrong. I measured myself and Even though I gained I still manage to loss 5 cm. Which I think is good. 
Hopefully the reason why I gained weight wasn't because I gained fat but a result of a week with not enough water. No matter what this isn't good enough I really need to get myself together. 

My dreams are still high. This week is gonna be busy but I will do everything I possible can do. Next Sunday I will have manage a weight loss over 1 kg.! 

How is every one else doing?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bread from the local bakery

Danish bread

I have been so busy every since I got back to Denmark. It is been hard to start being so active again after 3 months of summer break. I haven't really been able to sleep at all so with 8 hours of work a day I feel pretty used and tired! On the good side being so busy makes the time go fast which I really need. Being apart from Emilio is so hard :( No more crying I will be back with him in 10 weeks with a weight under 100kg! YEAH

So as I have been busy I haven't had time to blog or bake my usual bread. I really miss to eat bread but as I don't eat white flour it can become a bit difficult to buy it any where and I simply just don't have the time for making it myself right now. Therefor I went to a danish bakery today. It is a really good bakery that has specialized in making bred without gluten and with out sugar! YEAH my place haha.. I bought a dark heavy bread with out white flour. It was just taking out of the oven when I was there so I just had to try it as soon as I got home.. OMG I was in heaven a warm fresh made bread is so yummi. 

Else not much else than work has been going on. I am working at a fitness center and hoping to get time to work out the last our I am there. Though that will depend on how busy I am. Else I will go there 3 days a week to attend a Zumba class. I am really really excited about that! 
My diet is going really well I haven't been eating anything unhealthy at all..!! Hopefully that will give me a good result Sunday. Though the test is coming up: Dinner with my sister tomorrow, Family birthday dinner Friday and lunch with my best friend Saturday. 

Oh well I better stay strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

First weight day in Denmark

New scale = new numbers?

As you all know by now I am back home in Denmark. Today was my first weight day and I was nervous as there can be some differences on how much the scales weight. I went on the scale right before I left Argentina and the scale said 106.8kg And today when I went on the scale in Denmark it said 107.1kg. So if there is a different or if I gain weight is something I will never know. 
Anyway even though I was hoping for the number from Argentina I guess 107.1kg still is nice. It is 400g less than  last week so I am pretty happy. This means that I have 11 week for loosing 7.1kg which should be possible. 

First test in Denmark.

So I have been pretty scared of coming back to Denmark as I am so use to eat unhealthy. As tomorrow is my brothers birthday we were invited for drinks and dinner. Not an easy start but I think I did pretty well. 

I didn't drink any alcohol nor any chips! Fist challenge with a good result. 
as a starter there was lobster tails cooked in garlic, butter and olive oil served with bread. I love this dish. I did eat it even though I know it wasn't the best thing to eat but at least I skipped the bread so I mean I didn't get sugar or flour! 
Main dish was grilled meat, salad, potatoes and a gravy made with just butter, egg and coriander. I ate all of it. I mean again no sugar or flour. But yeah I now still fatty.
For dessert there was the most incredible cake and I DIDN'T eat it at all. I could really eat it but I just wanna make sure to be under the 100kg before I get back to Emilio. 
So honestly I really think I did a good job in my first test :) 


29 hours trip

I can’t believe where the last 9 months went. But gone are they and once again it was time to say goodbye to Emilio yesterday night as I have to go to Denmark for a 11 weeks internship at a kindergarten.
I love to travel but 29 hours is TOOO LONG! Especially when you have to say goodbye, to the boy you love right before you leave.  After a LOT of tears I got to say goodbye and se you VERY soon to Emilio and in to my 13 hours plain trip.
Travelling in a plain being overweight isn’t funny. I mean even for a person with a healthy weight will find those seats small. And then if you have long legs like me the plain is going to kill you!

Even though I was travelling I still tried to keep an eye on what I ate. I mean it is hard as the food in a plain is HORRIBLE. I got some smash potatoes with meat in a sauce together with a piece of bread. I know the bread isn’t a part of my diet but I was so hungry and after all I didn’t eat the dessert or the ice cream later at night time! YEAH I am proud of myself. Doing the night I got pretty sick. My belly doesn’t like to travel so I skipped the breakfast. Even in the 5 hours I spend waiting for my plain in Amsterdam I didn’t eat. Maybe because I know my mom had made me Danish meat balls. So yummi…!!
Even though I thought this trip would have ruined my diet I passed the MC. Donald and Burger King without even considering buying anything. That wouldn’t have happened 3 months ago.!
29 hours has gone I am exhausted all I want is a goodnight kiss from Emilio <3 It is so hard to be away from your love but I have to try to enjoy my time in Denmark.
Tomorrow I will start being completely strict about my diet so I will be a lot lighter when I see Emilio again! Fitness center will you be my best friend? =)
Challenge is to be under 100 kg in 11 weeks. I know I can do it!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wrong day but went on the scale

I know it isn't Sunday

After the last 2 weeks of weight gain I have been really disappointed of my diet. I am not a big fan of going on the scale more than once a week but this morning I decided to check out the scales number. 107.1 was the result a 400g weight loss.. So happy!! 
This Sunday will be my first weight day in Denmark so it will be on a new scale hopefully the different between the scales wont be to big. 

For my return in Denmark I have decided not to try any kind of food with sugar or flour. I think it is easier just to skip it from the beginning. So while I am on danish ground I will not be eating sugar or flour. Now you maybe think while only on danish ground?!  

As I wrote before then I am going on a trip to London with my mom. I will try to do my best not to eat Sugar or Flour BUT we have a reservation for a High afternoon tea = ALOT OF SUGAR AND FLOUR!!! Further more have we been talking about eating dinner at Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant and for me Italy = Pasta. 

But until London I will be a good girl. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I don't really now what to say!

I gained weight! 

200grams more than last week, was what the scale said..!! I know it isn't that much but I am really disappointed. It was my goal to be under 105kg at my return day to Denmark I wont be able to reach that goal anymore but i am gonna fight this week hopefully that will pay off on my first weigh in back home! 

I hope my 11 weeks in Denmark will make me loss a lot of fat! First of all I just ordered the books from Tosca Reno about the eat clean diet. I have kind of been following the diet for the past 2 months but it hasn't been from the book but more from what I have heard and the things I have found on the internet. I guess it is time to really start reading the book! I am really excited about that. 
Another good thing is that I will be much more active during my time in Denmark. I am use to watch a LOT of TV and spend a lot of time in bed and in front of the computer. But that will change during these weeks. 
As I will be working in a pre-kindergarten with kids in the age of  3-6 years old. I bet that will make me active also I am planning to attend the gym a lot!! :) 

I know I before said I would attend the gym. But this time I really hope to do it. I actually got a job at that gym so at least I have to be there 2 a week :D 
It is my goal to return Argentina with a weight under the 100kg! I know I can do it. 
More soon :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

When do we realize the reality of life?

The hike that made me realized the reality of life! 

I have always known that I was unhealthy. Ever since I can remember I have been the fat girl. I never wanted to be the fat girl. But I never realized how dangers I was living my life. Not before November 4th 2010. I still remember this day now 1½ year later. 
I went on a fore, me BIG hike together with my host parents. We were going to walk to the top of Multnomah Falls (maybe better know from twilight). Both of my host parents were caring a kid on the back I was just carrying myself (110kg heavy) I was about to die. If it hadn’t been for my host mom pushing me, I would never have been able to get to the top and see the amazing view. It was a huge success for me to get to the top, and finally finish something I started. You maybe be thinking why I realized the reality of life this day. 
It happened like this:
On the way to the top when I couldn’t breathe, my host mom (who is a doctor) looked at me and said something like:” Line you are 19th years old and you going to die young if you don’t change your lifestyle and get healthier”.  Wow that choked me. No one ever had the courage of telling me how dangers I was living my life. I mean being 19th with a weight over the 110kg? 
You might think why didn’t you do something before then it has been 1½ year? I did do something! 
With the help of my host mom I actually lost 10kg and got in a much better shape than I ever has been in.  But I wasn’t ready it took me a year to gain those 10kg again and getting in a bad shape. (Stupid yes trust me, I know)! But with my host mom’s words in my mind every day, I now know that I am doing the right thing now. I am getting healthy and I am going to live a LONG and happy life. 

I am you forever thank full mommy T you will always have a special place in my heart.  

Next time I see you, we have to do that hike again but this time without a break!! =)