Thursday, December 27, 2012

Food hell

Christmas is finally over 

For the past 6 days I have been eating like a pig! I am so embarrassed of myself, I completely lost control. My diet has been full of sugar, white flour, butter, cream, pasta and bacon. I fell disgusted about myself and my stomach fells like it just want to kill me!
I have to get back on track not after new year not tomorrow but RIGHT NOW before I gain it all back!!!

Start weight: 115 kg
Last week. 100.1 kg
Today 101.7 kg
Gain 1.6 kg 

The gain could have been worse. As a matter of fact Yesterday I weighted 104.5 kg but I guess a lot of it was salt and water.

I started my diet again yesterday morning. I woke up ready for the challenge 3 hard weeks with out anything else than healthy food and with a minimum of carb! I am hoping to loss 3 kg doing this period. I only have 7 weight ins left before going to the state. That means I will have to loss 6.7 kg in just 7 weeks! Oh yeah I am gonna kick ass and do my best!

I am gonna track my food hoping it will help me  realizing what I am eating. 

Breakfast scramble eggs: 1 whole egg - 2 egg whites - 100g ham - 20g cheese - basil and salt.
0.75 liter water

Snack: 0.75 liter water

Lunch tuna salad: 2 Carrots - one can of Tuna - ½ onion - ½ chili - 1 tbsp. Sour cream light.
0.75 liter water

Snack ham and cheese sandwich with out bread: 100g Ham - 30g cheese - basil.
0.75 liter water
Snack: can of coke Zero, Sugar free chocolate bar

Dinner Chicken rice salad: Rice - red pepper - leek - 3 chicken necks - 1 chicken heart - 1 chicken lever - 1 tsp sour cream light - 1 carrot.
0.5 liter water

Snack: 40g peanuts - 1 liter sparkling water

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last weight in before Christmas

Time to relax

I was expecting to loss weight this week, I am not quite sure why but I gained weight not a lot but a little.

Start weight: 115 kg
Last week: 99.8 kg
This week: 100.1 kg
Gain 0.3 kg/0.7 lbs

Not happy about it at all. I am back over 100 kg ONCE AGAIN! 
For the past 7 weeks my weight has been stuck around the 100 kg. I would wish next week would be different but with Christmas eve I know there will be gain again next week. Trying not to stressed out about it, but it is complicated.

I will enjoy this holiday and then go all in from the new year, not that I everyday until then will be eating like crap, I hope I can keep it to the 24/25 and again the 31 of December!

Thanks for following my blog

Marry Christmas to all of you!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Back on track!

YEAH I am back under 100kg

It only took me a week over the 100kg! I am back under and I am NEVER getting back over again! Emilio have promised to help me with  it! 
Overall this week was pretty good. Most of my food chooses were good but still space for improvement.
I love ice-cream specially when it is as hot as here in Argentina. So we tried out a diet ice-cream. I am telling you it was so YUMMI!!! I got a vanilla with chocolate and one with pineapple. Now my issues is that I don't know how bad it is to eat it. I mean it is sugar free.. 
BUT what do they then put in it to make it taste good??? 

To the important =)

Start weight 115 kg
Last week 100.6 kg
This week 99.8 kg
This week lost 0.8 kg
Total lost 15.2 kg

I am so happy for my loss! Christmas is getting close BUT I still have 1 weight in before that and with all my motivation I am sure that one will be good!! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I found my motivation!

Back on track!

My motivation was completely gone. I have been eating like crap for the past month. Trying to blame every one and everything else than myself. But i am done blaming. Only I can make this weight loss happen and I am ready to keep working on it.

My biggest blame have been on all the crappy food there is in the house here. As I am not living by myself I can't control what food there is! Let me be honest it isn't healthy chooses that you will find here. The pantry is full of Sweet bread and other Christmas treats. All stuff that I LOVE!!! Dam it is hard to resist it when it calls your name! I have been mad at people for bringing shit like that to the house, as it would be much easier if it wasn't there. But more important I have been mad at myself for not saying NO to crappy food! 

I am done complaining! (at least for a little bit). I found my will power again and I am so ready to see those numbers go down again. You might wonder where I found my motivation. I found it in my host mom!! I don't get to see her as much as I would LOVE to. As a matter of fact I haven't seen her for over a year. But now it is time. I am going there in February and before that I wanna loss more weight. She is my big inspiration as she always believe that I could loss weight together with the fact that she made me realize what I was doing to my body! It was a good wake up call!!!!

It is my goal to be under 95 kg. Which is 6 kg away. I know I can do it. 

Going to the State is amazing!!! I am going to shop like crazy, I am going to spend time with some amazing people that I love. And hopefully I will be able to hike at Multnomah Falls, this time with out feeling like I am dead! :D 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bad week, bad weight in!

I wont say a lot about this week. 

It wasn't a good week, I made all the wrong chooses and the scale showed it!
Happily I "only" gained 1 kg.

Start weight: 115 kg
Last week: 99.6 kg
Today: 100.6 kg 
Gained 1 kg
Moving on ready for a loss next week!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My motivation is gone!

?Where are you motivation?

I am sorry I haven't been checking in lately, but honestly I am just not motivated for this weight loss anymore! Not that I don't want to loss weight, because I really do my whole day go with thoughts about it. It is just that I can't resist unhealthy food! As a matter of fact I don't feel like I have been eating anything else than unhealthy ever since I got to Argentina. Which is more than a month ago! 


Anyone that have seen my motivation or have a good idea on how to find it? 

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am expecting a pretty bad gain. Maybe that will find my motivation =) 

How are you guys doing? Please leave a comment!