Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 30 of whole 30!!!

OMG I actually did it!!!

I am a bit surprise of myself. I really wanted to do it but deep inside I just didn't believe I could do it! Here we are 31 days later looking better, feeling better and most important my level of cravings has gone down! 
The whole30 isn't about loosing weight, but about cleaning your body and get healthier! Though I did it mostly to loss weight and was hoping for some good result! 
I lost 2.8 kg during the last 30 days. 
Emilio lost 4.5 kg during the last 30 days. 

I was hoping for more a lot more to be honest! But looking back then I have lost around 600 grams a week which isn't bad considering my level of work out. Emilio is killing the scale with good result and I couldn't be happier I am sooo proud of him! 

So what is the plan now?! 
I feel good after these 30 days and not planning on going back at all! These 30 days is just a part of the long weight loss journey I have in front of me. Today I will allowed myself to eat sushi for dinner and I might even go and get myself a little Coke Zero just to see how I will react on it! But specially Coke Zero isn't coming back in my diet on a daily basic as it has been for the past 5 years! Yes I will drink coke again, but I will limit it til the days I am going out!
Dairy has been another of the things I have eliminated during the last 30 days. I love cream, hard cheese and butter and on the Paleo 2.0 these items are okay.. But after realizing that my food taste just as good with out dairy I have decided to just keeping it out on my daily diet. No reason to add those calories!!!
Chick peas and quinoa.. See that is another story! They aren't allowed on whole30 and I haven't missed them a lot, but I honestly believe that they are really healthy for me! They contain lots of calcium so I will actually take them back into my diet.. Not something I will eat every day but a few times a week I guess!
3 meals a day.. Dam that was hard in the beginning BUT now it just feels so normal.. I am normally not hungry between the meals anymore and I have therefor decided just to keep my diet to 3 meals a day on less I am starving or working out! 

Would I recommend the whole30 to other!? HELL YEAH!!! It feels so good to accomplish a goal like this and it seriously makes you feel good! 
We are back on paleo this time the strict version 1.0! Hopefully that will help me with the rest of my weight loss.. I am currently 110.4 kg so there is still 15.4 kg to the weight that I have sat as a goal for a pregnancy. With the help from Emilio I know we can do it.   

Just for the record then here is the meals from yesterday, which was day 30!

My favorite banana pancakes. Seriously you HAVE TO TRY THEM!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! On the side I had ½ avocado, mushrooms and tomato!  

Lunch: We went out for lunch and this was what I could get. Piece of meat with a carrot salad.

Dinner: I chopped sweet potatoes, onions and carrots and laid them in a tray on top I laid a whole chicken. The chicken got a marinade of lemon, parsley and salt. With it I had ½ avocado! I tell you I love baked chicken!  


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