Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 12 of whole 30

Today was good! I woke up with a little cold but it seems to be gone again already. I haven't been resting really well lately, not sure why though. Any good ideas of how to get some good rest?

I got to walk a 5 km in 45 min today. I am really happy about that workout, as it was a lot faster then the 60 min I did it on Wednesday! :) I guess the tip I got from a study made actually help. She told me to use music to speed the walk up. Tomorrow is time for my 10 km hopefully it will go as good as today!

As a part of my school project I was reading a blog from a guy who goes to the same class as me. He was explaining how he didn't believe in diets, But it was about eating healthy and exercise. We could start a too debate what is healthy and not but that will be another post! He also wrote about not making life boring by being fanatic. I agree in a lot of his thoughts, but there is different perspective on a diet whether you need to loss 5 kg or 50 kg! For the people who need to loss a huge amount of weight can't do it with out being a bit fanatic in my opinion. If we allow our self to eat unhealthy at special occasions, then suddenly you end up eating unhealthy 5 times a month! That will run some of your weight loss and that is simple to hard on a person who needs to loss 50 kg or even more. To keep the motivation up a loss on the scale is so freaking important! And if we keep eating the sugar at special occasions, then we will keep being addicted and that suddenly takes the 5 times a month to 10 time... And then ups a month with old food habits went by together with a big gain..!
Also exercising isn't easy to do if you are 50 kg or even more overweight. I am following this an amazing guys blog This guy has done amazing improvement! All the things he has accomplish the last year is totally amazing. He has shown how small steps makes takes you to improve a lot.. He is my biggest inspiration I think it is amazing how he went from not being able to walk at all and to now where he can walk 2 miles. That is impressing. I know many wont see 2 miles as being a lot. But for a person who couldn't walk for 1½ year ago and is now able to walk 2 miles hey that is amazing! He makes me believe that one day I will be able to run 5 km. Right now I can only run 100 meter at a time and top 300 meter in a 5 km walk.. So I am taking small step but I can see the improvement and I know one day I will be running. Thank Josh keep the good work!
Omelet with spinach, mushrooms and tomato. On the side a piece of paleo bread. One of the best breakfast for a long time! 
The paleo bred is made of: 100g almond, 100g walnuts, 100g sesam, 100g sunflower seeds, 100g pumpkin seeds, 40 gram chia, 6 eggs, 80 ml olive oil, 1 tsp salt. All mixed together and cooked in a muffin tray. 

Lunch: The picture looks disgusting I know! To bad as it was actually pretty good. It is vegetables cooked with chicken neck and chicken lever. On the side a piece of paleo bred (I shouldn't eat that much of it.. oh well) And also a handful pistachio.   

Dinner: We are hoping to eat a bit more fish and this was the start. White river tuna baked in a folio with leek, carrot, ginger, lime, salt and chili oil. On the side is cooked celery, carrot and spinach cooked with some curry. REALLY TASTY!  


  1. Hey Line food looks good! Specially your dinner. Though the omelette you had for breakfast looks inside out...odd! You should seriously post some recipes I'll think about leaving you some tips and tricks too. Claire.

    1. Haha it is actually an inside out!! :D I don't like my omelet when they are a bit "raw" so I normally turn the eggs before I add my stuffing :D