Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 24 of whole30

Today has been hard I am at that time of the month where cravings are worse mixed with tons of pain! Yes not a good combination! Anyway I need to fight it with out chocolate, ice cream, sushi and coke which would be my normal medication!

I did get to work out today 5.5 km which I am proud of. It is freaking hot in Argentina right now so working out really makes me sweat!

Breakfast: This is a really bad picture of some really good food! It is panned mushrooms, onions and crab mixed with eggs and on the side an avocado.

Lunch: It looked like something I would serve for a dog so I just decided to eat it so no pictures this time. I had the left overs from the lasagna and added 2 sunny eggs and some pistachios. It was dam good.

Baked chicken with a warm broccoli salad. (panned garlic, onions and broccoli). Good 

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