Wednesday, January 30, 2013


What a wonderful day

That is all I can say about today! 

I haven't seen my best friend for the past 3 months, which is way to long. She is my best friend and have been it since I was just 3 years old! That is a very long friendship. Nobody knows me as well as her which is amazing. I love to know that I have someone who truly understands me and who trust me just as much as I trust her.

We had a very delicious lunch, I got a chicken bacon salad and a homemade smoothie. Unfortunately I ate a piece of bread and butter. Most stupid was that I didn't realize that I ate it before I was done.. Anyway I have been eating so well ever since Monday! I went on the scale this morning and it showed a really good result! I was 105.1kg Monday and 102.9kg today. I am not sure I actually lost that much, maybe I have less water or something in my body, but I do believe I have lost some.

The final result will be shown Monday.

How are u guys doing?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feeling better

Being busy takes my appetites away!

Every since I got to Denmark Saturday night I have been so busy, that I am forgetting to eat and drink. Not good I know!! 
True is that I love being busy as it takes me away from opening the refrigerator every single minut!! :) I got my old job back, which is amazing it is really flexible and allows me to work a lot while I have time and less when I am busy. 

Also I got to see the place where I will be taking my 2nd internship. It is a place where handicapped people lives. My visit was really positive. The people I am going to be working with looks really nice!!! But it is going to be a challenge for my diet! 
The thing is that we eat together with the handicapped people who lives there, so I have to eat what is served. Good thing is that I am going to be a part of making the food! It is my hope that I can cook healthy food for them, but I can't be sure that I always can make it with out flour. Therefor I have to change my diet. I am not happy about it but okay with it. It is something I have to do else I am going to fail my weight loss. It is my plan to skip flour on my off days and then eat a very small amount of it while being on work. 

Lets see how it goes! I love fresh made bread and one of the night cares is an old baker and apparently he makes fresh made bread for break fast.. I will do my best to turn it down!

I feel my past 2 days have been good compared to the food! I haven't had flour, but instead lots of vegi and protein. Hopefully that scale will show that Monday :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

New country, new start!!

Back in Denmark!

January has been crazy. Actually ever since I left Denmark 3 months ago I haven't been able to control my diet. It has effected my weight with a 5kg gain! Wow that hurts. I am sad about the gain but I had 3 amazing months with Emilio and that is what matters now.

Friday it was time to kiss Emilio goodbye once again! NOT FUNNY!!! Good thing is I am back home with friends and family and in just 3 weeks I will be going to the state visiting my host family.. So excited. Though even better is, that in just 6 weeks Emilio will come visit me in Denmark for 3 months so excited! :)

Now being back in Denmark it is time to restart my diet. It is time to stop looking back regretting my 5kg gain. It is time to start my weight loss again. I am so ready and I have a great support in friends and family. 

I have an amazing friend who is trying to loss weight as well. She has been kicking ass so proud of her. We have made a competition together where we both need to be under 99.9kg by her birthday Marts 23th 2013. 

The scale this morning showed 105.1kg which means I have to loss 5.2 kg in 8 weeks. It should be possible.  I am going to do it by eating healthy. Lots of vegi and protein and a minimum of potatoes rice ect. Together with a lot of exercise. I am not sure how much I will manage to work out as I am going to have 2 jobs. But I will try to at least go 2 a week. Hopefully even more!
Thanks for still readying my post!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I am still here :D

I never got to blog last week and this weeks just went by as well.. Where does the time go? 

The past week has been a disaster!! Way to many worries and bad food chooses! 
I am having an exam this night at 4:30 Am. Can u imagine having an exam that early :S

Already when the week started I decided to pay no attention to the food. That ended op badly and I gained 2.6kg!! Av av av... Not something I am proud of but it is what it is.

I am leaving Emilio in a week which kills my heart... So hard to be apart. But hopefully going back to Denmark and a normal lifestyle will help me loosing weight again!

Thanks for reading. :)

Enjoy your day! 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy new year

2013 is finaly here

It is a new year and a new chance. ¨

2012 became the year where I got back to studies and started my weight loss. I lost 13 kg/ 28 lbs which is awesome but now enough!!! I lost my motivation and started gaining weight again, something that I am not proud of but ready to change. 
It was also a year where I barely got to spend time with my loved ones.  

2013 is there for going to be a year where weight loss and loved ones are going to be in focus. 

Since last week I have lost 0.2 kg not much but after a hard week I can't complain a loss is a loss. 

Goals for 2013:
- Lose 22 kg
- Going to the gym 3 times a week from February. 
(I will be back in Denmark from February to August, where I will be joining a good gym)
- Focus on the good stuff in life.
- Spend as much time with friends and family as possible.

Big goals but I can and I will accomplish them!