Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 13 of whole 30

I have been with out internet for the past day. That might doesn't sound like a big issue for normal people but for me it is a huge deal! The internet is for me a very important part of my life, as I use it as the only communication with all of my loved ones from Denmark, I use it for all of my studies as I am an online student. This is the important stuff but also I use the internet for my daily entertainment!
Enough about that I am back!!
Day 13 was a good day I did my 10 km walk in 110 min! Yeah my first small goal accomplished! It was a really nice walk, hard as hell YES!! but I felt good and tired after the walk. It got really hard after the first 6 km and the speed did go down as well but I am okay with it. Next walk will be my 5 km on Monday.
Food wise was really good as well I ate what I was suppose to BUT I had cravings... Tons of cravings.. I thought those cravings was suppose to go away?

I had 2 boiled eggs, a yellow pepper and a handful nuts. Sorry I forgot a picture, but I guess you guys have seen enough all ready.. haha.. Typical breakfast!

Post workout meal:
1 scramble egg with a handful nuts.

Panned liver with onions, smashed sweets potatoes and carrots and a boiled red beets. SOO GOOD! Again not the best picture.

Piece of meat. (In Spanish Matambre) with panned sweet potatoes and raw carrots. YUM YUM.


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