Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Back in Argentina

Sorry for the delay 

I arrived to Argentina Sunday night and have spend every single second with Emilio ever since! It was awesome to see him again and just having him around me. 

My times in Denmark was amazing therefor it was even harder to say goodbye. Living this "double" life isn't always easy. I have to "homes" but non of them feels like a real home anymore. I am happy to be back with Emilio and I will try to enjoy ever single minute I have here, but also looking forward to get back "home" to all my friends and family in Denmark again!. 

Back to the weight loss... I didn't reach my goal to be under 100kg before leaving Denmark which SUCKS!!!! Actually I also gained weight the last week so I ended on 100.8kg when I left Denmark not what I was hoping for but I am actually okay with it.

I had this amazing brunch goodbye brunch together with my parents, brother and sister in law. It was so tasty and so freaking unhealthy. Yesterday was also an unhealthy day I am taking it slowly trying to get back on track but it is complicated. I know I will get there it just take some time.  

I am back with Emilio ready to loss some more. My next goal is to be around 95kg by Christmas. 
Take care

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where is my motivation?

Is it time to give up? 

No I wont give up but dam ever since Sunday I have just been feeling like giving it all up! 
The disappointment of Sundays gain have hit me really hard. Specially because I was expecting a big loss. Ever since I got back to Denmark I haven't been craving for unhealthy food at all... Oh well this was until Sunday ever since I went on that @£$€"#¤% stupid scale, I haven't been able to stop thinking about PIZZA, ICE CREAM, BURGERS, CHIPS yeah as I would say it, I could just eat everything unhealthy in the world. That is such a hard feeling :( 

Right now I honestly don't know how to get over it. There is so many things going on. I am trying to get mentally ready to leave Denmark, but it seams harder than normally :( That might be the reason for my craving but also for might weight. Though I don't know how stress should effect my weight.

I am doing my best this week and so far it has been going well. Or almost yesterday I hate a Sandwich together with my friend.. I know what you guys must be think but it was a 70% whole grain bread so not the worst thing in the world. Also I have been working out a bit more. Unfortunately my Zumba teacher is sick so that has been canceled :(

There is still 3 days until I will hit the scale again! Hopefully this time it will show something under the 100 kg!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Broken scale!!

So disappointed!!

I have been eating healthy the whole week to make sure I would get under the 100 kg. A goal that is really important for me. Doing the week I was cheating a bit and went on the scale, but to my big surprise didn't it go in the right direction. Wednesday scale said 100.9kg which freaked me out. So I skipped absolutely everything that isn't 100 % okay for the last few days! 

It was therefore with a lot of anxiety that i this morning went on the scale. It said 100kg! I was quite happy but just to make sure it was true I decided to go on right away again. This time (5 seconds after the first time) it said 100.4kg ?! Like what the fuck??!!! Okay one more time on the scale to see what I actually weight. But it said 100.4 kg again! It means a gain of 200g / 0,4lbs. It isn't a lot but I have to admit I am really sad about it. I was so ready to see that scale show 99,9kg :)  I have the idea that something is wrong with my scale it shouldn't be possible to show me 2 different numbers in the same minute. So yeah I am not going to trust that scale anymore. 

I am going to keep up with my diet just like this week because I did eat healthy!! I know normally people would say, that I just didn't do it good enough when I gained. Honestly I don't believe this is a real gain I believe it is just a bad week and next week will be a hell better. Next week I will be adding a lot of exercise as well. It is going to be my last week in Denmark which is really sad but hey I will be back again! 

Next weeks weight in will be Saturday. I know this is illegal Emilio but as my flight is going VERY EARLY Sunday morning I wont be able to do it Sunday! =) 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good weight in!

I did it even though I have been sick!

Honestly I was a bit scared about the weight this week. Not because I have been eating unhealthy, but because I haven't worked out at all for the past 11 days! It really sucks to be sick with the Flu.! I tried my best to keep up with my diet even though it has been hard to eat 5 times a day. 

Start weight: 115 kg / 253,5 lbs
Last Sunday: 101,1 kg / 222,9 lbs
Today: 100,2 kg / 220,9 lbs
Lost 0,9 kg / 2 lbs

I am so happy about this weeks result! 
My goal was to get under the 100 kg before leaving Denmark October the 28th. It was a big goal but right now I am sure I will accomplish it! I hope to accomplish it already next Sunday which should be possible. The plan is to keep up my good work with the diet and then add 3 Zumba classes a week. Hopefully that will bring me under 100 kg by next Sunday. Can you believe it I am so dam #$¤@¤$" close to be under the 100 kg!

With only 2 weeks left in Denmark I am getting really short on time. I have so many things I wanna do before leaving but seriously not enough time! Gotta buy a lot of Christmas gifts to my family before leaving together with a little bit of new close to me. Yeah weight loss = shopping!! 
But most important of all, I have a lot of friends and family that I want to spend all my time together with. Unfortunately that wont happen as I gotta work. It is gonna be 2 busy weeks with a lot of work outs, work and tons of fun with my loved ones <3  

Next week I will post a blog about the most amazing crackers my mom baked yesterday! They were so yummy and didn't contain anything unhealthy. Just a lot of seeds, spelt and oil. I am telling you it is a most try!

Take care 


Saturday, October 13, 2012

What is an ideal weight?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about this question. I know I am still far away from my ideal weight, but honestly I have no idea, of what my ideal weight even should be?! I haven’t been under 100kg for the past 3 years. I don’t know how I feel or look when I am under 90 kg haven’t been there for the past 6 years and under 80kg, who would I even be with that weight!
It has for the past 8 years been my dream to get under the 70kg (154lbs). Now I am wondering if this is even realistic, or if my weight should be lower or higher? I am 181cm (5,9 feet) tall.

If I calculate my BMI being 70kg and 181cm tall my BMI would be 21,37. With that weight I would be right in the middle of the “normal weight”.  But then my issue I am not really a big fan of the BMI. I mean it doesn’t calculate how much fat or muscles you got or anything. It just has 2 stupid numbers and then Wola here is your “normal” weight!

I am still not sure what my target weight is gonna be. First big goal is to hit the 80kg (176lbs) and after that I guess I will have to look in the mirror and try to feel and see if I like what I see.  It is my biggest dream to fit into a size 38 European size! Oh well we will see when we get there. It is my fear, that even if my weight was 70kg, I would still see the same reflection from the mirror as I do now.  This has been my issue when I lost weight before, that I didn’t realized it and still felt amazingly fat. I won’t let that happen this time. I will use my progress picture as a reminder of what I use to look like. :) Soon I will be under the 100kg which mean new progress pictures!! =)

What have you guys been doing to find your ideal weight? Or is someone out there having the same feeling as me?! :)

Please leave a comment.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My hair is gone! New style :)

After loosing 30 pound it was time to change my hair! 

I have always had "short" hair but decided to grow it long. I mean who doesn't want a long blond hair? haha Honestly after a year I decided that I Line Jacobsen don't want long hair! I want my hair style back. 

This is me this morning before the hairdresser started with her scissors and color. 

This is after 3 hours at the hair dresser! I am so happy with the result. I recognized myself again.
This is who I am! Hopefully Emilio will like it to <3

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weight in

Time is running out.

Ever since I left Argentina I promised myself to be under 100kg/220lbs. I knew it was gonna be hard but I wanted it so bad that I was sure I would make it. 
It hasn't been as hard as I thought. Actually it has been pretty easy and I am getting so close to my goal! 

Start weight: 115kg/253.5lbs
Last Sunday: 102.1kg/225.1lbs 
Today: 101.1kg/222.9lbs
Todays loss 1kg/2.2lbs
Total weight loss: 13.9kg/30.6lbs

I lost 1 kilo/2.2lbs which is amazing after a week where I am sick and had a bad eating day! Did u see it I lost more than 30lbs!!! YEAH I am so happy. Even though I have been sick I still ate the usual in the hope that it would help  my body to recover! 

There is 3 weights in left to accomplish my 100 kg goal and I am dam close. I have 3 weeks to loss 1.1kg which shouldn't be any issue at all! So excited!

How are you guys doing?! :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Haven't worked out :(

I missed my work out both Wednesday and Thursday. 

Unfortunately I had to stop during my workout Wednesday, as I suddenly felt dizzy and had to throw up! It wasn't because my work out was too hard, it was just time for my body to get sick. I was actually waiting for it  to happen, as a lot of the kids and colleges at the kindergarten has been sick lately. 

Anyway because of my sickness I have been laying under my blanket for the past 3 days. Which SUCKS!!! I really want to work out, so I can loss those kg!! 

Hopefully I will be ready soon, so I can get back to my work out routine. 

Time is flying so fast that I can't believe it. 2 days left and I will have to face the scale again! I am hoping for something good, but with out any work outs and with a REALLY unhealthy fried bacon dinner Wednesday then honestly I feel scared! 

I really have to keep my mind on this journey! There is just 4 weights in left before I am leaving Denmark to go back to Emilio.
I miss Emilio a lot and can't wait to see him again! BUT at the same time it starts stressing me out, knowing that I have to say goodbye to all my friends and my lovely family. :( 

I will never get use to say goodbye! Airports is both my favorite place but ALSO my biggest fear. :)
Take care I will be back Sunday to let you know about my weight in!