Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 14 of whole30 What is healthy food?!

Wow it has been 2 weeks already. It has actually been pretty easy, yes I still crave but I probably will do that for much longer. Somehow I think my brain always will crave for the "for bitten" food chooses.! 
My body is doing a lot better, I haven't had as much pain different places in my body as normally. Though I did have issues in my hips after I walked 10 km but I only take that as a sign of how bad a shape I am in right now. 
After I started my last class where the focus is on healthy lifestyle I have realized how different our conception of health is. If you look at the danish food advice, you will realized how unhealthy I am eating right now on Paleo.. I am apparently eating completely wrong, yet my body is feeling better, working better and I am losing weight.! I wont judge how other people eat but I do think we should be careful defining healthy food as it do depend on who we are!
Lets just look at milk. the danish food advice would tell you to make sure to drink enough milk.. YES drink milk to make sure you get your calcium. At the same time we see that a lot of people in Denmark has a lack of D-vitamins with means they wont be able to collect the calcium from the milk.. What is the point in drinking it then? :) I have never been drinking milk as I just don't like the taste, but that hasn't made me low on calcium because we also get the calcium from vegetables. I am not the one to judge whether milk is healthy or not but for me to offer our kids chocolate milk on a daily basis just isn't healthy then rather the kids not drinking milk.! 

Breakfast: Omelet with spinach, onions and crab. on the side some nuts. (To the quick ones then yes my omelet are in side out.. hahah.. I am not a fan of omelets that isn't 100 % cooked so I have started to turn the eggs before I add the stuffing..) It taste sooo good!!

Lunch: Leftover meat, some red beets, panned spinach, yellow pepper and cashews. Tasty!!

Dinner: chicken wrapped in bacon, peppers and onion all cooked in the oven. Broccoli boiled and a raw carrot salad. On the side a handful of pistachios. Delicious. 

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