Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 17

No pain no gain!

Yesterday was actually a good day! For those of you, who has been following me for a long time know that I basicly Hates to work out! I guess it has to do with my childhood, where I would always be the last picked at soccer, slowest runner (basicly I could only walk). I loved to dance, but as I grow I started to be way bigger than my dance partner and then it just wasn't as fun anymore.. I remember being picked to hockey back in primary school. The boys would pick me because they said I was so fat that I would cover the whole goal. Back then it was hurt full. I mean it still is when I am looking back, remembering how evil kids can be to each other. 
These bad memories is probably one of the reasons why I just always hated working out (and still do). I have that stupid feeling that when I step in to a gym, everyone is looking at me thinking shit look at that fat women. And I mean even if that was the case then who cares.. I care!!!!
I hate people not seeing me for who I am, but instead for someone fat. On the other hand when I see a fat person at the gym I always think HEY WAY TO GO BUDDY!! Isn't is awesome that this person is actually doing something to loss weight?!! HELL YES!!!

I have decided that no one is gonna stop me from working out! Yesterday I went for 5.5 km walk. It felt great to get out there.. But I must have twisted my ankle because it is hurting really badly today.. I am resting it until Friday where my next walk will be..

This is my work out plan:
Monday 5.5 km
Tuesday 5 km.
Wednesday 5.5 km
Thursday rest
Friday 5 km.
Saturday 10 km
Sunday rest.

Hopefully it will help my weight loss.

Scramble eggs, panned chicken, mushrooms and onions. On the side a tomato, avocado salad.

Lunch: Panned chicken with a carrot. I was planning on eating the orange on the picture but it tasted rather bad.. So I gave it to the garbage-can instead. 

Dinner: Stew made of carrot, celery, meat and bouillon. On the side smashed vegetables of carrot and sweet potatoes, mixed with an egg yolk. Delicious. 

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