Monday, July 30, 2012

Progress pictures!!

I guess it is time!

It has been a hard week not because the diet is hard but because of all the feelings that is involved in this journey. 
As I wrote earlier this week my emotion took over last Sunday. This resulted in a huge eating party where I ate everything I wasn't suppose to eat. (I guess old habits are hard to get rid of!). Yes I would have thought this would have been it. But on a lunch date with Emilio at Sr. Ming Sushi we got tempura shrimps. Yes it was good. Yes it was unhealthy and Yes I shouldn't have been eating it. To make it even worse that same night we had a BBQ and I didn't hold back. Therefor I was not expecting anything good to happen on the scale today and I was right! I gained 400g(0.88lbs).  I should probably feel horrible about it but I doesn't as I still lost 10 cm. doing the last 3 weeks. (pretty cool right?)
My total weight loss right now is 7.7kg (17 lbs.). and dropped 40cm (15inches) So I am doing progress! That feels amazing. It has taking me a while but I think it is time to share some pictures with you guys even though I still feel ashamed of my body. 
Start weight 115kg (253.5lbs). Now 107.3kg (236,5lbs)                

Start weight 115kg (253.5lbs). Now 107.3kg (236,5lbs)

Start weight 115kg (253.5lbs). Now 107.3kg (236,5lbs)
 Do you see the different? 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Healthy food pictures


Lately we have been cooking some really delicious healthy meals. I have to admit I am surprised of how easy and tasty the food is. 
My breakfast is pretty much the same everyday. 2 eggs prepared as omelet, sunny or boiled.

Our lunch and dinner are always a good big meal with vegetables and protein. Here is a few pictures of our awesome dishes. 
White tuna panned with whole grain flour. Served on a pure of potatoes and carrots together with a spicy tomato sauce. 

Squid served with brown rice and spices. 

Shrimp panned with A LOT of garlic and some cream. Served  with brown rice salad.

My favorite sushi. New York roll and a Watami (Shrimp, philla and avocado on top  salmon shasimi)

Pizza made with sweet potatoes as the crust. 
Whole grain Spaghetti bolognese.
It was so weird to eat spaghetti again but so nice finally to find some more whole grain products here in Argentina. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Good day with bad food!

How can it be a good day when I ate like CRAP?! 

It sounds weird yes but with only 2 weeks left together before I will have to pack up my stuff and go back to Denmark Emilio and I are enjoy each other as much as possible. 
Yesterday that took us out for a lovely lunch! (it ended up being for free, double up on lovely lunch right).We went for sushi and ended up using 2 hours there as there kitchen apparently wasn't ready. We got 37 pieces of really good sushi and some fried squid. (I now that was a really bad choose but I have wanted that for so long and the waiter told us it would be a while with the sushi so Emi and i went crazy and ate FLOUR. fried flour!!!) 
After a great lunch we were invited for a BBQ with his friends it was so tasty. I can only say that most of the meat we eat down here is good. Though way to much red meat and not to many vegetable was not a good combination.
Right now I have gained weight but hopefully by being careful the next few days I can end up with NOT a good result on the scale, but at least something better than now. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I jumped into the fried food

Sunday was not a good day. 

I am not quit sure what happened last Sunday but I felt so depressed. I had been kind of sick doing the whole week but Sunday just seemed  to fall apart for me. 
Unfortunately that took me back to my old eating habits. I found the last chocolate bar I had in my room and ate it. Then made myself a Fried Wiener Schnitzel and some fried empanadas for lunch! YES I do realize that it was not healthy and guess what it wasn't that good either. 

I don't know why food seems to make me happy? After a few minutes I am back to where I started unhappy. Even more unhappy because now I ruined my diet. Not proud of it but I guess it was what I needed as a wake up call. 

Back on track hoping for some more happiness. Life is what we make it to so I will try to make the best out of every day.

Any good idea for handling the bad days?

My new love to squid.

I always hated those weird arms and tentacles. 

Back in time when I was around 8 years old I went on vacation to France where we got squid! It was horrible and I promised myself NEVER to eat it again. (unless it is the deep fried ones)! 

After meeting Emilio I have got to try some really good new dishes. (I have always tried different stuff as a kid but not really as a teen). It has always been funny to go out with him as he made me try weird stuff that didn't look good.
It showed up that Emilio really like squid and after making me eat mussels I guess it was time to try his squid. Thank god I did it. It was so YUMMI. Since that day we have got it a few other times. 
He makes it to a "salad" with onions, peppers, chili and mirin. (or what ever you have). We have been eating it with quinoa or brown rice a really good dish. 
Here is some pictures: 

Squid with Quinoa
Try it out it is so easy and so Yummi! :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy scale!

Once again it is Sunday.

This morning I was ready to see a bad number on the scale. My expectations was really low but I was happily surprised! This week both Emilio and I lost 800g which feels amazing. I have lost 8kg, Emilio 21kg this give us a total weight loss on 29kg it is insane right?! Couldn't be more happy about the scale. 

This week I have got to think a lot about why I want to loss weight? I always thought that happiness is to be skinny. I am now wondering, if I always have been wrong, what if that isn't happiness. For me to loss weight has always been about improving the way other people see me. To be able to go shopping with my girlfriends to be able to walk on the street with out feeling the eyes of people looking at me thinking WHAT A FAT GIRL. I am now wondering if that really is a reason to want to loss weight.
The reason for losing weight this time is probably, so I will be able to get pregnant in a few years (I am not going to risk to be fat and pregnant!) and to look good in the wedding pictures when that day come.
But isn't there much more important reasons to loss weight?
 I now believe the psychically benefits of a weight loss are much more important. It will make me live longer, it will help me to prevent some sickness and hopefully it will help my body to work better. This don't mean that it isn't a benefit to be able to go shopping and feel good about myself. 
What I am trying to say is, that this weight loss is for me to be healthier and for me to fell better about myself not for other people to judge me different. Overweight or not I am still the same person inside just with more confident.  

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Healthy food looks and taste Yummi!

Pizza made without flour, but with sweet potatoes. 

The other day Emilio and I made Butternut squash pizza style. It was so good. After that I got a tip:"make it with sweet potatoes" and so did I today! Who would have thought something that healthy good be THAT good.! 

It was so easy to make.
- pill all the sweet potatoes and cut in half. Place in oven and poke a few holes in the potato. Let it cook until soft. 
- Take out and smash them. this will give you the "crust" of the pizza now add what ever you want and bake until the cheese is melted. 

Get ready for a hell of a meal!!
It looks like a pizza right?! I love this recipe can't wait to try with a lot of different toppings. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Gym time or not

Thanks to my tight shoes I have got some blister on my feet!

That is a really great thing to get when trying to loss weight! Therefor I haven't attended to my gym at all this week as it hurts just wearing shoes. (Yes I am full of stupid excuses and I do feel bad about it. So next week I am gonna kick ass at that gym.) 

I honestly have no idea what the scale will show me Sunday, I have been eating okay not perfect but fine. Yesterday was Emilio and my 1½ year anniversary which was celebrated together with Hot chicken wings for lunch and some awesome sushi for dinner. Great day :). Also tonight some of Emilios friends are having pizza night but we are gonna eat salad! (Or if I can convince Emilio it could be sushi). 

Exactly those kind of gatherings is my big issue trying to loss weight! Lets be honest Pizza looks delicious. Just as delicious the pizza look just as stupid I feel by bringing my own food. I seriously feel stupid by bringing my own food I feel like a freak! But I know Pizza will ruin my diet and if there is something I really want it is to LOSS FAT! I am not eating Pizza.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Plus size clothes.

Are you big and want to look good?

Who doesn't want to look good even though the scale says a high number I still believe that you can dress pretty.

During my whole life shopping has been nothing else than horrible. Try to be a plus size in Denmark and find smart fashion clothes! NOT POSSIBLE!!! Of course there are a few stores but mostly they are selling old grand mom clothes and being 21 years old I want to wear fashion clothes. I always though it was just a punish for being fat.

Right before I left to the US in 2010, I realized that H&M were making a BIB collection for plus size girls!! Finally I could get some smart clothes. They don't have a lot but some. 

It may sounds stupid but my hopes where not high about getting fashion plus size in the States. (I know there are a lot of plus size people in the States, but I was still afraid that it would be the old grand mom clothes)!! 

I was so wrong!!! 
One of my first days in Vancouver WA I went shopping not for me but with my new friends (I was not going to buy anything because I was fat!). Wrong again. I found the most amazing store called Torrid. Never in my life had I ever seen so much smart fashion clothes in my size. I was in heaven though my credit card was crying it took me less than an hour to spend 800 dollars on clothes. They had everything from Jeans, dresses, bras you name it. Moving away from the States was sad I had to say good bye to my new family, my new friends and my new founded love shopping! 

When I started to lose weight I realized that it was time to get new clothes. I couldn't stop thinking about Torrid's amazing Jeans they fit me so perfectly. I was looking though the webpage everyday and finally realized that I could order it online and get it shipped to Argentina!! I was so happy (not that much my credit card again is crying)! I have bought 2 new pair of Jeans, a pair of thighs and a bra I can't wait to receive them! Also I order a few basic t-shirts from Dorothy Perkins. Unfortunately I won't be able to see it before I am back home in Denmark in 3 weeks. 
Here is a list of plus size store that I love to look at:  
Please leave me a Comment if you have any other ideas of where I should go shopping!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pizza style!

Butternut squash Pizza style

After moving to Argentina I got to know that everything can be made pizza style. Whole chicken pizza style, Wiener Schnitzel pizza style Yes you name it! 

The other day we had a butternut squash that needed to be used so why not do it pizza style? It was so simple to make. 
This is not the best pictures as it is taking with a cell phone. But you can see my dinner with chicken, the squash  made pizza style some tomatoes and Brussels sprouts made with pecan nuts and onions. 
Recipe for butternut squash pizza style:
- Cut the butternut squash in slices place in a tray. Let it be in the oven until tender. 
- While the squash is in the oven make your favorite tomato sauce. (I cooked one onion, added 2 cans of tomato, some oregano and of cause some Tabasco. 
-When the squash is tender pour the tomato sauce over the squash add cheese and place it back in the oven for a few minutes or until cheese is melted. 

Recipe for the Brussels sprouts with pecan nuts and onion. 
- clean the sprouts and boil for 5min i let salted water. 
- cut onion in cubes and pan in olive oil for a few minutes add the pecan nuts.
- When the Brussels sprouts are done boiling cut them in half and mix with the onions and pecan nuts.

There you go a really good meal and a different way of getting some vegetables. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friends with the scale again!

Back on track

After some disappointed weeks I was really scared of going on the scale this morning.

Emilio went on the scale first.  His weight loss this week was 2 kg (I am so proud of him!!) but on the other hand, it made me even more scared, as I was really hoping for a good result for myself to.
After a really healthy week I got a good result the scale said 107.7kg (1.8kg less than last week)! I am so excited it feels amazing to lose weight again.

With a total weight loss on 7.3kg in 9 weeks, I guess, I should be happy. But my mind tells me that it is still not good enough! With a start weight on 115kg I was expecting the kilos to fall off me, but they didn’t. I guess losing weight this time won’t be easy. Hopefully that means that the kilos will never get back on again.

In just 4 weeks I am going to be back in Denmark. Back home to my loved family, my miss friends and the lifestyle I miss so badly. It is with mix feelings that I am going back. First of all I am so dam bad at saying good bye. (Trust me people at the airport would think I am going to a war or something).
On the good side I am going back to all the things I miss (including nachos, a lot of gravy etc. not the best thing while losing weight. On the healthy side I am going back to a country where whole grain is MUCH MUCH more common, where the vegetable looks amazing (believe it or not but the fruit and vegetable we get in Denmark looks so much more tasty, probably because they are completely fake made). For me the look is so important who wants to eat a tomato that looks old? Even though I now it is made the fake way I still love it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Food lover

I just love all kind of food

Finally I realized that healthy food can be really good food. I probably always knew it but lately Emilio and I have been making some really good food. I love all the different colors of the vegetable! Specially I love fish and seafood and for me that is the easiest thing to cook with. 
Here is some pictures from last weeks meals. 

This is my favorite dish, Garlic and lemon marinade scrimps with sour cream and the famous rice salat
(We eat a lot of this rice salat it is so yummi. It is the easiest thing to make. Cook brown rice, pan some bacon in a pan, remove it and cook then some garlic and leek in the bacon fat. After that cut some red peppers in small bites mix with the cooked rice and some sour cream then add bacon and leek.) TRY IT!! 

Here we got a piece of grilled salmon with grilled potatoes and tomatoes. The salmon is cooked in  a little bit of olive oil and a ton of lemon. It makes good salmon every time. Best trick I learn from my host dad in the state.

It taste so much better than must of the food I normally would eat. Even though I love this food I still miss my pizza, ice cream and so on! All those things used to be my best friends, that was always there when I was sad or stressed. Now I try not to eat for getting happy but instead eat because my body needs it. (It is still not working completely but I am trying.)
When I need some take away I always go for sushi. I love sushi and I have told my self that it is okay to eat sushi it is healthy right? :D 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just not my week

Sunday again, again!

Let’s just start with the reality I gained 600g! 

Why, why, why that is all I am asking myself. After a really good week with more exercise than usually, followed the diet as was it my bible, I not just didn't lose weight I even gained 600g!! I am so disappointed I was expecting a big weight loss this week. 
Even though I now just feel like quitting and eat as many pizzas as I want. I just can’t let myself do it I really need to keep going and hope for a good weight loss next week.  Also I have been thinking about trying out another kind of diet but I truly believe that this diet/ lifestyle changing are the healthy way of doing it! It hasn’t been working for me the last 2 weeks, but I can see it working on Emilio who has lost so much weight doing the last few weeks!
I am going to keep doing the same things as this week, but I am going to try to keep track with my calories.That is the only thing I can be doing wrong I must be eating too many calories so simple is that!

On the other hand there is a good side of this month . Even though the scale shows pretty much the same number as one month ago, the centimeters are falling of me. Doing this past month I have lost 19cm divided on the hips, waist, bust, right arm and the left thigh. At least it looks like I am losing some fat on body which is the most important for me. 
Status now is a total weight loss 5,6kg in 2 months and a centimeter loss on 31cm.  Hopefully the scale will start going down in the same way as the centimeter! I am now 109.5kg hoping to get under the 108.5kg by next week!

Friday, July 6, 2012


I don't know what I am doing wrong. 

It is not Sunday but I anyway went on the scale to check how things was going. After a really good week so far with healthy food and some exercise I was hoping for a good weight loss. Wrong again I have gained 300g since Sunday! I know I still have 2 days to go before I need to see the scale and see the final result of this week. But I am no longer optimistic. My goal this week was to be under 108 kg but with a scale that 2 day before the weight day says 109.3kg it doesn't look possible. 

I am still doing good with not drinking any Coca Zero which I am really proud of. It hasn't been as hard as expected not that it has been easy because it is NOT! But I am doing a good job. 

My exercise has been really good. I can feel I am getting stronger. (Feels amazing to but those 5 extra kilo on). Just like I am able to bike faster, run longer and so on! So proud of my self :) 
I used to hate working out because I wasn't the best one. I can't run as long and fast as the girl next to me. After realizing that she is carrying 40 kg less than me I now finally accept that I don't have to do the same things as her. Probably if I made her carry those 40 kg extra while she was running she wouldn't be able to do it either. 

I am doing a progress and one day I will be able to run those 5 km!     

With 2 days left I still have the hope that the scale will be a little bit more friendly Sunday and if not showing a weight loss at least make me stable on the 108.9kg from last  week. I really don't want to gain ANY WEIGHT!!!! it has to be gone FOREVER.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

3 day with out my drug

Coca Cola Zero I miss you!

For must of you this will sound stupid but I haven't been drinking cola zero for 2½ day now and I am getting crazy. 
Of cause I can't prove that my headache and lack of energy is caused by not drinking my cola zero but honestly I do have the idea that the coffin in the cola have something to do with it. I know it will get better so I am hanging in there hoping for a big weight loss this week! 

The food is going really well. I feel like I am eating the right things, though I could eat more vegetable. Another thing that I am still fighting with is my lack of exercising! It is my dream to do something at least 5 times a week. But just like every other week my dream isn't the real life! With 4 days left I need to get started! So here is my week plan.
Monday I went to play table tennis with Emilio not the best work out but it was great to have some fun together and after the game we went home and did some abs. 
Tuesday I had no energy what so ever! Had a long nap and else didn't do anything. 
Wednesday I am going to the gym after lunch to work out for 1½ or so.
Thursday same plan I am gonna work out at the gym.
Friday or Saturday is again going to be at the gym! 
Sunday is weight day and hopefully the scale will be nice and show me a number under the 108kg. (last week I was 108.9kg) 

Have a nice week :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Not a friendly scale!

Once again it is Sunday

It has defiantly not been one of my best weeks! With a lot of things to worry about the diet has been left behind. Though I didn't feel like I ate that bad, but the scale said something different. (+200g this week was the result) 
I am really sad and not optimistic about me weight at all right now. I guess it is just back to the gym and work out some more! 
I was so lucky to receive a packed from my parents this week, with some good lakrids and 2 Daim. (not the best thing while being on a diet but I have to admit I really really miss lakrids and of cause Daim best combination ever! Not gonna eat it all now, but I had one Daim earlier and that is gonna be it for the rest of this week. 
Also I am trying to convince my self to stop drinking Coca Zero for the rest of the week. But as an addicted coke drinker I have to admit that just the though about not being able to drink a class of ICECOLD COCA COLA ZERO makes me sick! Thinks it really is the time to quit my coke. 
Tomorrow I will be ready to start my challenge for this week NO MORE COCA ZERO! At least until July 8th. I need some good luck. Already feeling sorry for Emilio he is gonna hate me this week. haha. with out my "drug" I think I am going to be even more grumpy than usual.