Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weight in

This week has been a mess!!

I haven't been able to get back on track, I keep finding an excuse to eat something unhealthy.
Friday we had dinner with Emilios parents, we had a huge barbecue with some cream mushroom potatoes. The potatoes was for 6 people and had 150g of BUTTER, 2dl of CREAM, mushrooms, onions and potatoes.. Not something healthy but it was soo good!!
Monday Emilio and I went out for lunch. I had a huge portion of delicious pasta with pesto, lots of bread and a cheese cake for dessert. It was good, but definitely not Paleo. For dinner Monday I decided to have sushi.. So yeah not a healthy day....

Looking back on the week I have to admit that I am more than happy with my 0.3kg loss!

Friday is the last day for my school project. So far I have lost 3.3kg during the project so I still have 0.3kg to go before I hit my goal.. Hopefully that will happen before Friday.

This week will be hard. A friend from Germany who Emilio and I meet in the US is coming to visit us.. We are so excited but I also know it will means some unhealthy food.

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