Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Late weight in.

It has been a pretty stressing week, with all the action that was going on in our building last Tuesday. It was really scary and honestly I have probably never been as scared before. In the beginning I was freaking out by being alone, but I am feeling a lot better, now and have no issues being alone anymore.
The other thing that had stressed me is my weight loss. I honestly feel it is going to slow. Specially last weeks gain hit me hard, but I know my body sometimes act weirdly. I knew my week was good and that I ate healthy, which is probably also why it was so frustrating not to loss weight. I still believe Paleo is a healthy lifestyle and that it will help me to loss weight. Just take a look at Emilio he is kicking ass! So far he has lost more than 11 kg! So proud of him and also thankful that he keep supporting me.
I have been reading tons of stuff about carbs, and have got to the conclusion, that I will try and stay with vegetables that grows over the ground. That will I can keep my carbs down and hopefully that will make it easier for me to loss weight. So a minimum of carrot and sweet potatoes for the next month. (OH NO)
Also it is my plan to start eating some more fish. We both love fish, so it is plain stupid that we doesn't eat it some more. Another thing I am trying out, is the effect of the Argentina mate. It is a warm drink like green tea, and should help boosting my weight loss. Who know at least it makes me drink some more water.

This week went by really well. I stocked to the plan of low carb, but I had ICE CREAM one night. It was something really needed (not really but it was good anyway). I had the hope that it wouldn't fuck up my weight loss, but instead trick my body. I lost 0.8 kg which feels amazing, and even better it brings me sooo close to be under 110 kg again. I am still in the process of my school project and made myself the goal to be 109 kg by December 13th. It seems possible and shouldn't be a big deal to accomplish that!

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