Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back at the gym

Gym time

I don't really know why it is so hard for me, to move my big ass to the gym!

My dad has always been sweet paying for my gym, but he always ended up wasting his money because I ALWAYS had an excuse for not going. (my knee was hurting, I had a headache, I was tired or simply I for got my things). SO STUPID

Then I moved to the state and really thought that time was over. Therefor I once again signed up for a gym (24 hours fitness). Again it took med like 4 month to start going there. Even though the gym was amazing. There was everything at the gym, machines, pool, hot tub you name it! Probably what I loved the most was the kids club.! after being a member for 4 months, my host mom kids my ass and I started taking my kids there everyday to work out for 2 hours! I loved it.. I really thought the gym was going to be a part of my live forever!!

Then the reality hit me, as I am no longer in the US or in Denmark. So lets just be honest the gym here in Argentina is not like 24 hours fitness!! They are small and the machines looks like they were from before I was born! luckily I found Megatlon gym. It looks a lot like 24 hours fitness and I am so happy that I found it.   
I have to be honest, the first 4 months I only showed up there 4 times. I felt so bad paying 80$ a month for it and then not using it, just like when my dad paid for it. But I am back on track now trying to go to the gym 3 times a week. 
This week has been complicated as there has been sickness and surgery in my boyfriends closes family. Hopefully that will all be over tomorrow with a good result and we will be ready to focus on the diet and gym again! 
Hoping for a good result on the scale sunday. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday again!

Once again it is time for the scale

Today I didn't really know what to think about my weight! I was fearing the scale. It has been a pretty bad week with my food but a lovely week with my boyfriend (hopefully we can combine those two things in this week haha). 
No but we went out for a REALLY lovely dinner Tuesday. It was really unhealthy but so delicious! 
Tuesday was not enough we had a coupon to a sushi place Thursday night. Really good sushi but as it had white rice it was not a part of my diet. As this could have been enough it wasn't!!!! I couldn't help it I had 3 Ferrero Rocher. ( Yeah I am not proud of my self either but dam they were good) 
But then of cause Line went extra to they gym right? Nope again bad bad week I have been so busy with school / Really lazy as I have a LOT of free time. I don't really know what went wrong this week but I had to pay for it at the scale. 

So how bad was the scale. Not as bad as expected I actually had a weight loss it was small but it was there (200g)! I am pretty happy about this result and really for starting a good new week with a lot of work out. (no excuses as I am on a 2 months summer break right now). I am keeping up with my diet no sugar or flower! 

Hopefully the scale next week will be under 108 kg! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yummi chicken!

I am so behind blogging!

Last week I got this amazing chicken but I never got to share it on my blog. (Better late than never I guess.)

It was a super easy dish to make, some people will call it unhealthy as it both had cream and bacon! But as the main thing for us right now is to skip flower and sugar I consider that I every once in a while can eat this stuff! (I mean I had a weight loss last week so maybe I am right.)

The recipe:
2 Chicken breast (with out skin, even though I LOVE crispy skin haha)
3 leek cut in bites
3 carrots cut in bites
½ cup cream
salt & pepper
nutmeg (just a little bit)
½ cup cheese

Add all the vegetable in a roasting pan.
Pan the chicken until in change color on the outside add on top of the vegetable.
Then mix cream, salt, pepper and nutmeg and pour it over chicken and vegetable.

Pour the cheese on top and place in an oven around (175 Celsius degree). Takes around 30 min to finish.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I did it!!

Today is a happy day!

I am not just under the 110kg I am 1,1kg under (108.9kg) !! Right now I am so happy for my weight loss..
This week was pretty easy. Even though I could have been eating a lots of Ice cream and other good stuff!! I didn't as Emilio keep me on the right track and made sure I didn't eat any sugar or flour. 
I was suppose to work out at the gym 3 times this week. (I failed) Only went twice so next week I will go Monday Wednesday Thursday and Friday! Wish me luck :)

As said before I have been skipping flour, sugar and processed food! But instead I have been eating vegetable, fruit and meat. I haven't been afraid of bacon and cream as I normally would! Not that I had it every day think I had it once this week. ( I will post the recipe so yummi.) It feels good knowing that I can have other good things now when the sugar and flour is gone from my diet :) 

After such a great week with a weight loss on 1,5kg I am ready for taking a week more!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


No flour is complicated!

I am back at the gym now. Having the idea that the best way for me to loss weight is by exercising a lot! 
As I am just starting up at the gym again after a year, I am going slow forward! right now I am going 3 times a week hoping to start with 4 times a week from Monday!

Of cause I am still watching out what I am eating, even though I am not as strict, as I know I am burning calories at the gym. Most important this week is skipping all white flour and sugar. So far so good. Not getting bread, pasta and so on is HARD!!! There fore I decided to bake the most amazing bread yesterday, made with whole wheat flour, carrots, but NO sugar!! So tasty for lunch we got it with tuna salad. 

It was so easy to make so here you get a good recipe:

-     500g whole wheat flour
-    1tbsp dry instant yeast
-    1 ¼ cup milk / 310 ml.  
-    ¾ cup yogurt / 185 ml. 
-    1tsp salt
-    3 carrots, grated
-    sunflower seeds
-    2 tbsp oat:

Mix the flour, yeast, salt, milk and yogurt together. (it feels hard!)

 Add the carrots and sunflower seeds and mix it all well. Let it rest for one hour. Preheat the oven for 180 Celsius degrees. Add some flour to the counter and then form the bread round. Aake squares with a knife and sprinkle with some oat.

Needs around 70 min in the oven!

So tasty and easy!

This is definitely something I will make again! 

Sunday, June 10, 2012


So today is my weight day!

It wasn't the best week I could wish for.
My food was okay most of the time. Had a few really bad days though! But on the good side I went to the gym 3 times.. ( I am so proud of my self yeah)
The true is that I gained weight not a lot but more than enough! (I cheated and went on the scale Tuesday 113kg was the number it showed!! I was shocked!) After that eye opener I started to take care of my food again and today the scale said 110.4kg. So looking back on the week I am still happy about my weight!. + I lost a lot of centimeters which makes me feel great.
Next week is going to be with 3-4 times at the gym and then lots of fruit and vegetable! (Had fried empnadas today so I better watch out the rest of the week..!!)

Wish me luck the scale has to be under a 110kg. next Sunday

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sushi night out

Back on my life change.

The first diet didn't work at all. I loss 4 kg, but 3 days after I finish the diet I had gained it all again. (Guess what I got an email from the telling me that what I had lost doing the diet was mussels and now they wanted me to buy a work out book?) Can't believe what a bad diet I was on!
Any way my new "diet" is just about eating healthy no sugar and no flower. Together with that I am going to work out a lot at the gym. Doing this week 3 times and then one more time each week until I reach at least 10 hours at the gym a week.
I think this is a good way for me. And a much healthier way than a short turn diet.
Today I started the day with an omelet. (I have the best boyfriend that makes me breakfast so yummi!) For lunch I had fish and a salat. We went out for dinner and got sushi. I believe that sushi is a healthy choose, even though it still have calories, but hey it has much less calories than a big fat burger!! :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

End of story

I am so done with the cabbage soup diet!

Okay so I didn't make it. This diet is really nothing for me, I was so tired of eating the soup, feeling weak and having no energy at all so yesterday I quit. 
We were having a dinner party with some of my boyfriends friends and the menu was ham and cheese and for the main dish pizza and later a budding for dessert. (Totally unhealthy yes I know)!!! I had 3 small pieces of pizza and NO dessert. After ward I felt a bit bad my body didn't really like the food. 
Consequence!!! yes the scale gave me the consequence of my bad eating yesterday night I gained weight. 
Actually I am okay with it I got under the 110kg but only just. Today I am 109.9kg which give me a weight loss on 2.1kg in a week. Not good enough for how hard this diet has been. But oh well I am ready for keeping my weight loss. 
Yesterday I talked with my amazing host mom!! She has tried the "Eat clean diet" it sounds really good and I will check it out to see if that is what I should try.
Else I will be back at the gym tomorrow. I have to go there at least 3 times a week. (wish me luck) I don't know why is has been so hard for me to go to the gym that I have been a member of for the last 4 month. It is over now I am going to move in there!! haha
I will keep you updated! 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 5!!


Finally I got to the day of meat. Today I was able to eat a piece of meet together with up to 6 tomatoes. It felt like the best meal I ever have been eating. (guess it is just because of the soup though)! 
Anyway today was much easier than the other days, I didn't get anything for breakfast but chose to eat early lunch ( I needed my meat) haha.. 
For dinner I got half a cup of the soup and a few peanuts. I simply can't live with out them.
I went to the scale and it looked pretty good, but I am waiting for Monday to give you the result. 

Tomorrow is meat and vegetable hopefully it will be good. Even though I am so really to be done now. I can't believe how slow a week can go!!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 4

Banana day.

Today was the banana and milk day. I was really looking forward to this monkey day! I a lots of sweet Delicious bananas what could be any better. (Okay Line welcome to the real world!) Eating bananas and the soup a whole day is not easy not even close. 
Today ended up being the hardest day so far! 
I ate bananas for break fast and later had a banana shake. (1 banana, ½ cup milk, 6 ice cube). It was so delicious, even my boyfriend that normally don't like shakers/smoothies really liked it. Here is a picture of the delicious drink, not looking pretty but tasty!
Again the day was not easy! I was feeling pretty bad the whole day with a bad headache and feeling narcissus. I only eat the soup once today I simply couldn't get it down!
Once again I ate peanuts!! Well knowing it is not a part of the diet but I had to try to feel better.
Tomorrow is meat and tomato day + soup!! I SIMPLY CAN'T WAIT FOR MEET!!!!