Monday, November 18, 2013

What happened?

Wednesday I did end up having sushi and Coke zero for dinner! The weirdest thing happened, the coke tasted soooo bad!! Saying what?!! I telling myself that I must have been unlucky getting a bad coke.. Or i the truth that I can actually live with out it? One thing is for sure I am not craving it anymore!! Instead I just love my icetea!! The sushi was good! Gotta admit I love sushi and I don't see anything wrong in that, but again I know now after whole30 that I can happily live with out it! 

Apart from this one meal I have been doing great! Eating after paleo, lots of vegetables, protein and fat. Apparently it hasn't been enough as I gained 300g. It is sooo frustrating I just wanna loss weight! I am not giving up one bad week isn't what will define this journey! This week I will try to slow down on sweet potatoes and carrot that way I keep my carbs on a low limit! Also I will change some of the protein with more vegetables. 

Hopefully next week will show a big loss!!!  

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