Thursday, November 29, 2012

30th weight in!!

Tracked my weight for 30 weeks now! WOW

I can't believe that I have been tracking my weight for 30 weeks now. Doing these 30 weeks I have been loosing 15.4kg / 34 lbs. Honestly I should be happy! It is ½ kg a week in average which I normally would be more than happy to accomplish. But not this time I feel like I should have lost a hell lot more! It didn't happen so instead I will be happy for every single kilo I did loss.  

This week I gained weight 0.4kg/ 0.9 lbs. I have been sick the whole week. Feeling like throwing up constantly together with a really bad headache have made it hard to eat! Therefor I have been skipping a lot of meals but not eating anything unhealthy so yeah I don't get the gain and expect it to be gone next week!

Take care!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weight in including progress pictures

Finally through a god/bad week! 

The past week has been weird! Emilio and I was eating out Friday night, then Saturday night we had a big barbecue. Yeah you would think this was enough but wrong again! Monday was our anniversary so we went for a picnic for lunch and to a Italian restaurant for dinner. (Check out the pictures on my last post anniversary love ) It was a great day. Hey what is better than a day long date<3. We are still not done! Tuesday we went out for dinner together with Emilios parents and Wednesday I had sushi for dinner! 

So this morning when I went on the scale, it was with the expecting of seen something over 100kg again!
But I was so wrong. 
Start weight: 115 kg / 253.5lbs
Last week: 99.8 kg / 220lbs
Today: 99.2 kg / 218.7lbs
Lost 0.6kg / 1.3lbs
Total loss: 15.8 kg / 34.8lbs

It is awesome I am so happy about that. This brings me to the group of 210's! Haven't been this low since my 18th birthday. 
The diet has become much harder since I got to Argentina. I was hoping things would be much easier down here where I have Emilio's support. Unfortunately I was wrong. Being home all day long with out any plans makes me craw food, which takes me to open the friedge all the fucking time!!!! Back home in Denmark I was way to busy to open the fridge as I was on work. 

I am doing my best hoping to make the scale keep going down! 
Remember to check out my New progress pictures:)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anniversary love

Enjoying the man I love

Unfortunately Emilio and I aren't able to spend ever month together as we sometimes have to live in different countries. We always try to mark our month days in a specially way when we are together. Yesterday wasn't an exception. Emilio had plan an amazing day for us. <3 

We didn't think about our diet but just enjoyed each other (Though we always enjoy each other. We are so lucky to spend the whole day together when I am here or he is in Denmark.)

First of all we went to the gym and had a good work out. 

When we got home Emilio made things ready for a picnic at the riverside! (Yeah he actually can be very romantic)!!! :) We went to a little special store to buy some different ham, salami and cheese. 

Not healthy at all! But dam it was good!

I am the luckiest girl on earth having this man in my life<3 I love you
After the picnic we went home and just relaxed! Just until nighttime where Emilio took me to a Italian restaurant. Once again I didn't are about the diet and ordered what ever I wanted. I got a drink for the first time in 9 months! I ate sugar and bread and I payed for it today! My body didn't enjoy it as much as my brain did!
Ready to go

This is very good! A pizza stuffed with nutella together with some icecream! Yes not a diet dish !!!!

Emilio don't like cosmopolitans! Never drive and drink :) 
The weight in is coming up! My week have been amazing in a lot of ways but a disaster when it comes to the food! I am not looking forward for my weight in this Thursday I fear I will be back over 100kg! BUT that will only be until next Thursday! I am back on track ready to loss more weight! Therefore NO MORE SUGAR OR FLOUR before Christmas!

How do you  like to celebrate special days with your loved once?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Must try!!!!

I am on a diet and I just had pancakes for breakfast!!!!!!

Best of all it was really healthy pancakes. You seriously have to try it. Yep come on go to your kitchen and try this out you will never regret it! NO wait let me tell you have to make it first ;) Haha

I found the recipe on one of my favorite food bloggers. Miss muffin ( I change the recipe a little bit so here is my variation of a non fat non sugar pancake.!

You will need

1 banana
1 cup oatmeal  
2 eggs
1 drop of vanilla extract 
little bit of salt.

It will take you less then 8 min before breakfast or a nice snack is ready.
Smash the banana, add 2 eggs, salt and vanilla. Mix well with your fork. Then you add the oatmeal and mix until you have kind of a thick dough. 

Pan them with a little bit of spay oil for a few minutes on each side!! 
It doesn't look as good as it taste. But dam this is my favorite dish!
So yummi... Next time I will try to eat them with some raspberries jam without sugar!

I still haven't uploaded my progress pictures. Shame on me!! But the house is a mess because the walls and floors are getting fixed so you will have to wait until Thursday! :D


Thursday, November 15, 2012

I am under 100kg

I finally got to be just 

This last week has been really good! I went to the gym Thursday, Monday and Tuesday. I would like to add one more day but for now this is fine.. My body is so sore after those work outs!! Seriously I have felt muscles I didn't knew excised. 
When it comes to the food, I think I did an excellent job. I did crave for a lot of crappy food but I didn't eat anything I wasn't suppose to. I once again turned down the dessert at a party and have stayed away from sugar. 
So my week was good but it just didn't showed it on the scale... 

Start weight: 115kg / 253.5lbs
Last week weight: 100.1kg / 220.7lbs
Today's weight: 99.8kg / 220 lbs
Weight lost: 0.3kg / 0.7lbs
Total weight loss: 15.2kg / 33.5 lbs

I should be so happy now. I am finally under 100kg!!!! but honestly I was expecting a bigger loss. I don't think 300g is enough. To be under 95kg before new year (6 weeks) seams impossible right now. This journey will take more time than I was expecting. Right now that sucks but I am sure tomorrow I will be more happy about being under 100kg looking forward to keep doing a good job and see the scale go down!. If I don't hit the 95kg before New year I know I will hit it after :) 

I have lost more than 15kg now!! 
Hey did you here it!! I have lost more than 15kg!!! 
That feels so dam good! Lets welcome the next 15kg!!!

I will uploaded some progress pictures later today :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yummi food

Just wanna say Hi :)

Lately or actually always when Emilio and I are together we cook some pretty dam good food. Which you can see in our economic! Why is living healthy so expensive???!!!!

Any way back to the important yesterday for lunch we had some leftover chicken from the night before. We kind of have different ideas of what to do with leftovers.. Emilio want them to keep being the way they were made in the first place. But sometimes I like to make them different So I did yesterday :) I sliced some mushrooms and garlic, panned them together in a little bit of olive oil. Then I added the left over chicken breast pure in some salt and a bit of cream... I really love spicy food so I also added chili and parsley. Together with this we had a lot of salad (Lettuce, carrots and red-beads)!!

Yummi to my tummy :)

For dinner we had one of my favorite danish dishes. It is meet balls made off pork! Together with that once a gain we had salad and smashed vegetable (We make it as wash it smashed potatoes but add carrots and sweet potatoes to it) The sweet potatoes makes me fell really full!! Love it =) Oh well I just love food!!

Tomorrow is an important weight in! I have for the past month expected the scale to show a number under the 100kg!! I think that will happen tomorrow after a really good week!  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

New day of my weight in

! I lost weight !

I am not going crazy, I do realized it isn't Sunday but Thursday today :) But Emilio and I have decided to change our weight in from Sunday to Thursday. Probably this is stupid, but honestly most of our activities is Friday and Saturday and sometimes I feel like not going out on a Saturday just in fear for the Weight in Sunday. Therefore I now decided to change the day to Thursday.
My goal was to get under 100kg. But as it is Thursday today and not Sunday that would be to much to wish for. 

Start weight: 115kg/253.5lbs
Last weight in: 101.3kg/223.3lbs
Today's weight 100.1 kg/220.7lbs YEAH 100.1kg!!!!!
Lost 1.2kg /2.6lbs
Total 14.9kg/32.8lbs

Look at it!!!!!! I am so fucking close to be under the 100.. Which is a really big deal for me and I am sure I will accomplish that for next week.

More good news!!! 
Today after lots of thoughts (Trying to find excuses). Emilio and I went to the gym at 9:30 am trying our first class. It was 30 min strength training and 30 min spinning. DAMIT that teacher was crazy!! It was such a good work out my T-shirt was completely wet. Can't wait for Tuesday when we will attend that class again. 

Please leave a comment and tell me 3 random things about yourself :) Would be great to get to know you guys some better =)

Take care

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Joined a new gym

Warning this post has a very negative attitude!! :)

I have never loved going to a gym, or this was until I joined 24 hours fitness center in Vancouver WA. Woow that fitness center was great. It had everything I possible could think of, Pool, aerobic machines, weights and a great kids club where my kids had lots of fun. Best of all I only paid 30 $ a month.

After being a member of 24 hours I thought it would be hard finding a good fitness center in Argentina. I looked though a lot of the one around my house, but seriously non of them were places I would like to go. (I wanna go a place where "normal" people goes not a place where they all look like bodybuilders.!!)
I found this great fitness center called Megatlon. (It had a Starbucks in side it!!! I LOVE THAT.. Though seriously what does the work out help when I right after would think a coffee????) Unfortunately I had to pay close to 100 $ a month for going there! First time I was here I decided to use those money, but ended not using it enough, mostly because of bad excuses and a "long" transport time. (This was another excuse). Because of this I decided not to use so much money on a gym again. 

Back home in Denmark I worked at a brand new fitness center. It had all the good machines that they use in 24 hours fitness.. It was really great to use the machines I know and to work out in a place where there were all kinds of people working out.

Back to my complaining!! Emilio had join this new gym and I thought it would be awesome to go together!! :) I still do believe it is a good thing going together... BUT BUT BUT that gym is horrible the treadmill look like they will break if I strand on them. There is only one bike and one elliptical that also looked like it is 20 years old and bought in Walmart for 20 $!!! Even the weights is those weird one where u have to carry the weight yourself and put it on the machines... I might be able to puss 62 kg with my leg but there is no fucking way I can carry them to the machine with my hands!! So happy I had Emilio to help me!!! =) I already payed for the gym and as I wanna loss weight I have to go there... Good things is that it takes me 5 min to go there.. I will be trying there classes out and hope they will be greater... Just can't believe a gym like that can cost 28 $ which is just 2 $ less than 24 hours fitness!!! WTF

Back to the point! Find yourself a gym you like and where you feel comfortable I believe that, that will give you the best work outs.. =) Though I am still happy I will be training with Emilio but gotta admit I am dreaming myself back to 24 hours fitness.. :) Just had to share my anger with the whole world and make the point that fitness center aren't the same in the whole world!!!  

What kind of a fitness center do you join?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bad weight in

3 gain in a row :(

There is no excuses for this weeks weight gain (0.5kg/1.1 lbs). I haven't been eating healthy at all doing this week. The lifestyle in Argentina is way different from how I lived doing my stay in Denmark. This both be the kind of food I consume but also the time of the day that I consume it! 

Enough about bad excuses. Yesterday night I decided to eat my last unhealthy meal and ordered a Pizza just to finish my bad eating habbits.(I KNOW this is weird but somehow it helped me). 
The Pizza was good I was fine mentally about eating it BUT my body wasn't happy. I got so much pain in my stomach felt like trowing it all up! YEAH I am so happy that my body have learned what is good food and what is bad!!!!! :)

From today I am back on track. Back to the diet I love no sugar and no flour. I know that is the right way for me to loss weight. Now I just need to get in a good rutine where I will be able to follow it and get my meals at the right time! Tomorrow will be the day I sign up at Emilios gym. Hopefully he will be feeling better tomorrow so we can go together. Else I simply have to go alone!! 

Goal for next week is to be under 100kg. It will be 1.4kg/3.1lbs. I know I can do it!!!

How are you guys doing? What is your goal for the next week?