Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My health has improved!

Wow I can already fell a difference in my body!

It has been 2,5 week since Emilio and I started out on our weight loss journey again and things are going well..!
So far I haven't been having to many sugar cravings as I normally would! Though I have to admit that I did eat Ice cream last week Yeap so stupid.... It wasn't even that tasty! Instead of eating really unhealthy stuff like ice cream, yesterday I decided to buy some 70% chocolate! Just a little piece of it and I am in heaven!! Sooo good!!!
We have been trying to make some tasty Paleo food, and to be honest it is so easy to make tasty food following the Paleo rules! Only issue is that it sometimes gets complicated to be on a budget and still eat health after Paleo! This is because Vegetable as well as meat isn't cheap here in Argentina! To my surprise it is actually cheaper to buy those things in Denmark! Normally Denmark is know for being EXTREMELY expensive as we have a 20 % sales tax!
I can really feel a change in my body. Normally my belly brings me tons of issue! But not anymore, it seams to be working a lot better!! YEAH.... Just as I haven't had a bad headache for a week now! Normally I will have migraine 4 times a week.. All these health improvement together with my weight loss makes me sooo happy!!
I am so ready to just keep going! Let me share some meals pictures :)

First is my process to make a bread on just nuts, seeds, olive oil and egg! So easy yet soooo good!


Here is a vegetable lasagna! Instead of using pasta plates I used eggplant and cabbage! It was pretty good!

Here is the most delicious stew I ever have made! It is meat, whine, celery, carrots and tomato!

Chicken wings with a smash potatoes and a carrot tomato salad!

Tons of vegetables panned with chicken wings and chicken guts!

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