Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 9 of Whole30

Wow it is going fast!
I didn't get to post my day 9 yesterday, as my night ended fast. The day was fine and went by fast as I had tons of things to study. I didn't have much cravings nor pain! It is actually something I haven't been focusing on that much here on my blog, but I have been having tons of issues with pain in my body. I use to be sick all the time. My head, knee, hips, feet or belly would hurt, but all that pain seems to be going away! HELL YEAH!!! 
Food wise things seems to be going well. I am not really suppose to be counting calories on the whole30, but because of my school project I decided to do that! (You can check more about my school project here:
On day 9 I had around 1700 calories. Which is around the amount I have everyday actually. My body uses around 2200 calories a day. So I am under that by 500 calories a day. 

- 500 calories a day * 7 days = - 3500 calories a week. One kilo of fat is 7000 calories so by eating like this I should loss around 0,5 kilo a week. This is with out exercising. But it isn't this simple of cause tons of other things will influence. Such as mussels gain, water level you name it!

3 eggs, 1 avocado together with panned vegetables: 1 mushroom, ½ onion and 3 cherry tomatoes. 

I didn't take a picture but it was just the left over soup from the night before.

Osobuco made with carrot, cellery and tomato. Together with a smashed butternut squash, carrot and sweet potato mixed with one egg yolk. SOOOO GOOD!! :)

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