Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 8 weigh in

First week is done! 

I went on the scale hoping to see a loss. I lost 0,5kg during the first week, I guess I would have wished for more but my body just doesn't loss weight that fast. Anyway I am really happy with the result so far, I feel better, I have more energy, and most important less headache and no stomach pain! See that is amazing. I am sure this whole 30 is healthy both Emilio and I can feel the progress.
First week done and I feel pretty sure that we will accomplish the next 22 days with just as much success.
My blog will change a bit over the next 2 months as I as a part of a school class has to improve my healthy and document the progress in a training-blog. My goal is to loss 3.6 kg in those 2 months but more about the school project in my next post!

Today I had a little work out around 5 km.

egg omelet made on 2 eggs stuffed with ½ tomato and 2 tbsp chicken. Topped with avocado and ½ an apple on the side.

Lots of cabbage with a bit of olive oil and a piece of steak.

 Pre-workout meal:
½ apple and a handful nuts

Chicken soup with vegetables and chicken together with a handful pistachios. NAM

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