Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 6 Birthday party!

Yesterday was day 6 and the first day where I knew that there would be a big challenge. It was my future father in laws 60th birthday = PARTY = Soda, cake, snacks and of cause an Argentine barbecue. Normally Emilio and I follow the "danish" eating schedule which means dinner between 6-7.. But at his families house dinner is normally not served before 10.. With out a snack in the middle it seems to be forever between lunch and dinner. We decided to deal with it by having normal breakfast, then going for a 8 km walk.. We were back home around 11:30 and decided to eat a post work out meal to push the lunch a few hours. That way we had lunch at 3 and dinner at 10!
The party was fine with just as much temptation as expected, but I did fine.. I took my own cabbage salad and had it with my barbecue.. I did have way to much meat but I didn't drink any soda or ate any cake! Way to go!! :)
I didn't remember to take pictures yesterday :)

Omelet with leftovers meat and half a red pepper.

Post work out meal:
½ avocado, 1 egg, little bit of red pepper and some pistachio nuts. YUM!

1 big steak with a tomato

Lots of cabbage and TONS of meat.. Chorizo, Ribs (plane with out barbecue sauce), Matambre and a bit of chicken.

Okay I did eat to much meat I know but hey I didn't eat sugar, grain or anything else that I am not suppose to!

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