Tuesday, October 22, 2013

School project presentaion

Welcome to my weight loss blog! I have been on and off diets most of my life. I guess my weight has been what some people will call yoyo weight it goes down with 5kg and then I fast gain 10kg again. The result of a tons of diets my weight hits it top in Maj 2012. With a weight of 115kg. I knew it was time to do something about my health. I lost 16kg in 5 month but once again I started to gain weight. It took me back to my top weight again in August 2013. I have since then realized that now is my last changes!
My start on a better health started again in September 2013 and since then I have gone from 115kg to 112.6kg.
I am following the ideas behind Paleo and right now I am in the middle of my whole30. It is a plan where you cut everything out of your diet expect whole organic food. So no sugar, sweetener, grain ect.  
Paleo is about eating healthy and clean. It is about eating things that isn't processed and doesn't contain unhealthy E-numbers. So basically it is about eating how human ate back in the stone age (Paleo = Stenalderkost). My meals is therefor a mix of meat, vegetables, some fruit, and healthy fat.
I do care for exercise but it isn't my main focus point in this first part of my journey.

Goals for the next 2 months of the school project:

- Have a 3.6 kg weight loss. (Which will make me weight 109kg)
- Walk 3 times a week. (Long walks)
   - By the end of the 2 months I want to walk 30km a week in the time of 5 hours. (Divided in 3 days.)

Follow my way though the weight loss project. I will keep posting my food during the whole 30 and come with daily status of how my health is improving.

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