Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 7 first week!

Wow first week is over! It has been a lot easier than what I was expecting! Yes I did have the headache, wanted to quit, felt hungry between meals... But over all it has been easy and has already made a change in my health! I am over my headaches, done feeling hungry but not all done feeling like quieting. Though I am sure I will finish it!
Today was a really good day, I woke up after a bad sleep but my day has been really good. I haven't done much other than using my laptop but it has been nice and relaxing!
Status after first week is that my body defiantly works better with out gluten!
My skin has turned REALLY bad but I am expecting that to change soon.. As I think it is a result of my body getting clean. So far I can't see any differences in my body shape but Emilio thinks he can see something. Not convinced though :)
About the scale I won't be able to give you an answer before tomorrow. I am really hoping to see a lower number but not sure about that. No matter what then I will continue this challenge and finishing it.

No talk about Coke Zero yet?!!! Yes I do miss it and I could have a could glass out it right NOW!! but during the day it isn't something that I miss anymore! Wow!!

I had to much food once again, specially dinner wasn't healthy with all the chicken wings but dam it was tasty.

Best breakfast:
scramble eggs, ½ tomato, ½ avocado and one Chorizo.  (Yes I probably shouldn't have had the Chorizo but it was so tasty and  not something I have everyday)

Cabbage, carrot panned with leftover meat mixed with the rest of the carry soup we had the other day!

Cabbage, little bit of orange, the cooked vegetables from the chicken stuck Emilio made and way to many spicy chicken wings. Lovely meal but but but way to much fat!
I will stay of chicken wings for a while now!

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