Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 4 still doing good!!

So far so good!

Day for was pretty easy to go though I wasn't hungry between my meals. I am considering if my meals might be to big?
I have a lot more energy than I have had for a long time.. Weeee or it is kind of annoying not to be able to sleep in anymore.. Some how my body just feel like getting up at 7:30. I wounder if it is because of the sun or just because I am having more energy! 3 weeks ago I would sleep until 11 am every day and maybe even take a nap! Most people would be happy to get more energy, and it sure would be amazing with all this energy if I had a job and tons of stuff to do.. haha but right now it sometimes makes my days long! I guess I should get started with my studies, cleaning the apartment and spend some times out in the sun.. It is complicated not to work, when you for the past 7 years has worked a lot together with studying! I love to work, or probably more I love to spend money and that takes me to work a lot! :)
Food wise it has been pretty easy SO FAR!!! =) Though I am starting to have a lack of food ideas as well as craving for sushi! 
I guess people are right when they say planning is important for success. Maybe I should try and make a meal plan for next week.. Just not sure my boyfriend will appreciate that..!   

3 small eggs, half a tomato, half a red pepper together with 6 almonds and water!

steak together with panned onion and tomato. Together with the most delicious smashed vegi. (1 sweet potato and 1 carrot cooked until tender. Smashed with a handful fresh parsley, salt and a egg yolk).    

Grounded beef cooked with garlic, chili, nutmeg, tomato lots of cabbage and carrots. It was really good!

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