Sunday, September 29, 2013

2 weeks in!

It has been 2 weeks on my new weight loss journey! Things has been going well I had one down day last Monday where I ended up eating some ice cream! Worse thing was that it didn't even taste good!! =)

On the good side I got back on track right away and stayed on track for the rest of the week! This week I lost 800 grams again. This bring me to a total loss of 1.6 kg doing the first 2 weeks! I guess I should be happy with this result but I was honestly hoping for the kilos to get of faster!

To kick the weight loss a bit more I will try to slow a little bit down on fat and increase some more exercise.. Or more right would probably be to actually start working out! haha...

I did give the work out a try today.. I have had the goal of running a 5K for as long as I can remember! For a lot of people that would be piece of cake. But not for me! I can easy walk 5K, but no way I can run it. In the beginning of August Emilio tried to push me to run but after just 100 meter it was time for a break! So yeah I still have a long way to go! Though today when I worked out I run 200 out of 400 meter! It is an improvement! :) I will try to blog my work outs some more. Hopefully by the end of October I will be able to run all 400 meters before it is time to walk :)

Wish me luck!  

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