Sunday, July 1, 2012

Not a friendly scale!

Once again it is Sunday

It has defiantly not been one of my best weeks! With a lot of things to worry about the diet has been left behind. Though I didn't feel like I ate that bad, but the scale said something different. (+200g this week was the result) 
I am really sad and not optimistic about me weight at all right now. I guess it is just back to the gym and work out some more! 
I was so lucky to receive a packed from my parents this week, with some good lakrids and 2 Daim. (not the best thing while being on a diet but I have to admit I really really miss lakrids and of cause Daim best combination ever! Not gonna eat it all now, but I had one Daim earlier and that is gonna be it for the rest of this week. 
Also I am trying to convince my self to stop drinking Coca Zero for the rest of the week. But as an addicted coke drinker I have to admit that just the though about not being able to drink a class of ICECOLD COCA COLA ZERO makes me sick! Thinks it really is the time to quit my coke. 
Tomorrow I will be ready to start my challenge for this week NO MORE COCA ZERO! At least until July 8th. I need some good luck. Already feeling sorry for Emilio he is gonna hate me this week. haha. with out my "drug" I think I am going to be even more grumpy than usual.  

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  1. You shouldn't feel bad about 200 grams...that's nothing!!!

    I just hope you are ready for some more workout with coach Emilio now!!!