Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friends with the scale again!

Back on track

After some disappointed weeks I was really scared of going on the scale this morning.

Emilio went on the scale first.  His weight loss this week was 2 kg (I am so proud of him!!) but on the other hand, it made me even more scared, as I was really hoping for a good result for myself to.
After a really healthy week I got a good result the scale said 107.7kg (1.8kg less than last week)! I am so excited it feels amazing to lose weight again.

With a total weight loss on 7.3kg in 9 weeks, I guess, I should be happy. But my mind tells me that it is still not good enough! With a start weight on 115kg I was expecting the kilos to fall off me, but they didn’t. I guess losing weight this time won’t be easy. Hopefully that means that the kilos will never get back on again.

In just 4 weeks I am going to be back in Denmark. Back home to my loved family, my miss friends and the lifestyle I miss so badly. It is with mix feelings that I am going back. First of all I am so dam bad at saying good bye. (Trust me people at the airport would think I am going to a war or something).
On the good side I am going back to all the things I miss (including nachos, a lot of gravy etc. not the best thing while losing weight. On the healthy side I am going back to a country where whole grain is MUCH MUCH more common, where the vegetable looks amazing (believe it or not but the fruit and vegetable we get in Denmark looks so much more tasty, probably because they are completely fake made). For me the look is so important who wants to eat a tomato that looks old? Even though I now it is made the fake way I still love it.

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