Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy scale!

Once again it is Sunday.

This morning I was ready to see a bad number on the scale. My expectations was really low but I was happily surprised! This week both Emilio and I lost 800g which feels amazing. I have lost 8kg, Emilio 21kg this give us a total weight loss on 29kg it is insane right?! Couldn't be more happy about the scale. 

This week I have got to think a lot about why I want to loss weight? I always thought that happiness is to be skinny. I am now wondering, if I always have been wrong, what if that isn't happiness. For me to loss weight has always been about improving the way other people see me. To be able to go shopping with my girlfriends to be able to walk on the street with out feeling the eyes of people looking at me thinking WHAT A FAT GIRL. I am now wondering if that really is a reason to want to loss weight.
The reason for losing weight this time is probably, so I will be able to get pregnant in a few years (I am not going to risk to be fat and pregnant!) and to look good in the wedding pictures when that day come.
But isn't there much more important reasons to loss weight?
 I now believe the psychically benefits of a weight loss are much more important. It will make me live longer, it will help me to prevent some sickness and hopefully it will help my body to work better. This don't mean that it isn't a benefit to be able to go shopping and feel good about myself. 
What I am trying to say is, that this weight loss is for me to be healthier and for me to fell better about myself not for other people to judge me different. Overweight or not I am still the same person inside just with more confident.  

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