Friday, July 20, 2012

Gym time or not

Thanks to my tight shoes I have got some blister on my feet!

That is a really great thing to get when trying to loss weight! Therefor I haven't attended to my gym at all this week as it hurts just wearing shoes. (Yes I am full of stupid excuses and I do feel bad about it. So next week I am gonna kick ass at that gym.) 

I honestly have no idea what the scale will show me Sunday, I have been eating okay not perfect but fine. Yesterday was Emilio and my 1½ year anniversary which was celebrated together with Hot chicken wings for lunch and some awesome sushi for dinner. Great day :). Also tonight some of Emilios friends are having pizza night but we are gonna eat salad! (Or if I can convince Emilio it could be sushi). 

Exactly those kind of gatherings is my big issue trying to loss weight! Lets be honest Pizza looks delicious. Just as delicious the pizza look just as stupid I feel by bringing my own food. I seriously feel stupid by bringing my own food I feel like a freak! But I know Pizza will ruin my diet and if there is something I really want it is to LOSS FAT! I am not eating Pizza.

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