Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My new love to squid.

I always hated those weird arms and tentacles. 

Back in time when I was around 8 years old I went on vacation to France where we got squid! It was horrible and I promised myself NEVER to eat it again. (unless it is the deep fried ones)! 

After meeting Emilio I have got to try some really good new dishes. (I have always tried different stuff as a kid but not really as a teen). It has always been funny to go out with him as he made me try weird stuff that didn't look good.
It showed up that Emilio really like squid and after making me eat mussels I guess it was time to try his squid. Thank god I did it. It was so YUMMI. Since that day we have got it a few other times. 
He makes it to a "salad" with onions, peppers, chili and mirin. (or what ever you have). We have been eating it with quinoa or brown rice a really good dish. 
Here is some pictures: 

Squid with Quinoa
Try it out it is so easy and so Yummi! :)

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