Thursday, July 19, 2012

Plus size clothes.

Are you big and want to look good?

Who doesn't want to look good even though the scale says a high number I still believe that you can dress pretty.

During my whole life shopping has been nothing else than horrible. Try to be a plus size in Denmark and find smart fashion clothes! NOT POSSIBLE!!! Of course there are a few stores but mostly they are selling old grand mom clothes and being 21 years old I want to wear fashion clothes. I always though it was just a punish for being fat.

Right before I left to the US in 2010, I realized that H&M were making a BIB collection for plus size girls!! Finally I could get some smart clothes. They don't have a lot but some. 

It may sounds stupid but my hopes where not high about getting fashion plus size in the States. (I know there are a lot of plus size people in the States, but I was still afraid that it would be the old grand mom clothes)!! 

I was so wrong!!! 
One of my first days in Vancouver WA I went shopping not for me but with my new friends (I was not going to buy anything because I was fat!). Wrong again. I found the most amazing store called Torrid. Never in my life had I ever seen so much smart fashion clothes in my size. I was in heaven though my credit card was crying it took me less than an hour to spend 800 dollars on clothes. They had everything from Jeans, dresses, bras you name it. Moving away from the States was sad I had to say good bye to my new family, my new friends and my new founded love shopping! 

When I started to lose weight I realized that it was time to get new clothes. I couldn't stop thinking about Torrid's amazing Jeans they fit me so perfectly. I was looking though the webpage everyday and finally realized that I could order it online and get it shipped to Argentina!! I was so happy (not that much my credit card again is crying)! I have bought 2 new pair of Jeans, a pair of thighs and a bra I can't wait to receive them! Also I order a few basic t-shirts from Dorothy Perkins. Unfortunately I won't be able to see it before I am back home in Denmark in 3 weeks. 
Here is a list of plus size store that I love to look at:  
Please leave me a Comment if you have any other ideas of where I should go shopping!

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