Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I jumped into the fried food

Sunday was not a good day. 

I am not quit sure what happened last Sunday but I felt so depressed. I had been kind of sick doing the whole week but Sunday just seemed  to fall apart for me. 
Unfortunately that took me back to my old eating habits. I found the last chocolate bar I had in my room and ate it. Then made myself a Fried Wiener Schnitzel and some fried empanadas for lunch! YES I do realize that it was not healthy and guess what it wasn't that good either. 

I don't know why food seems to make me happy? After a few minutes I am back to where I started unhappy. Even more unhappy because now I ruined my diet. Not proud of it but I guess it was what I needed as a wake up call. 

Back on track hoping for some more happiness. Life is what we make it to so I will try to make the best out of every day.

Any good idea for handling the bad days?

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