Wednesday, July 4, 2012

3 day with out my drug

Coca Cola Zero I miss you!

For must of you this will sound stupid but I haven't been drinking cola zero for 2½ day now and I am getting crazy. 
Of cause I can't prove that my headache and lack of energy is caused by not drinking my cola zero but honestly I do have the idea that the coffin in the cola have something to do with it. I know it will get better so I am hanging in there hoping for a big weight loss this week! 

The food is going really well. I feel like I am eating the right things, though I could eat more vegetable. Another thing that I am still fighting with is my lack of exercising! It is my dream to do something at least 5 times a week. But just like every other week my dream isn't the real life! With 4 days left I need to get started! So here is my week plan.
Monday I went to play table tennis with Emilio not the best work out but it was great to have some fun together and after the game we went home and did some abs. 
Tuesday I had no energy what so ever! Had a long nap and else didn't do anything. 
Wednesday I am going to the gym after lunch to work out for 1½ or so.
Thursday same plan I am gonna work out at the gym.
Friday or Saturday is again going to be at the gym! 
Sunday is weight day and hopefully the scale will be nice and show me a number under the 108kg. (last week I was 108.9kg) 

Have a nice week :)

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