Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Food lover

I just love all kind of food

Finally I realized that healthy food can be really good food. I probably always knew it but lately Emilio and I have been making some really good food. I love all the different colors of the vegetable! Specially I love fish and seafood and for me that is the easiest thing to cook with. 
Here is some pictures from last weeks meals. 

This is my favorite dish, Garlic and lemon marinade scrimps with sour cream and the famous rice salat
(We eat a lot of this rice salat it is so yummi. It is the easiest thing to make. Cook brown rice, pan some bacon in a pan, remove it and cook then some garlic and leek in the bacon fat. After that cut some red peppers in small bites mix with the cooked rice and some sour cream then add bacon and leek.) TRY IT!! 

Here we got a piece of grilled salmon with grilled potatoes and tomatoes. The salmon is cooked in  a little bit of olive oil and a ton of lemon. It makes good salmon every time. Best trick I learn from my host dad in the state.

It taste so much better than must of the food I normally would eat. Even though I love this food I still miss my pizza, ice cream and so on! All those things used to be my best friends, that was always there when I was sad or stressed. Now I try not to eat for getting happy but instead eat because my body needs it. (It is still not working completely but I am trying.)
When I need some take away I always go for sushi. I love sushi and I have told my self that it is okay to eat sushi it is healthy right? :D 

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