Thursday, July 26, 2012

Good day with bad food!

How can it be a good day when I ate like CRAP?! 

It sounds weird yes but with only 2 weeks left together before I will have to pack up my stuff and go back to Denmark Emilio and I are enjoy each other as much as possible. 
Yesterday that took us out for a lovely lunch! (it ended up being for free, double up on lovely lunch right).We went for sushi and ended up using 2 hours there as there kitchen apparently wasn't ready. We got 37 pieces of really good sushi and some fried squid. (I now that was a really bad choose but I have wanted that for so long and the waiter told us it would be a while with the sushi so Emi and i went crazy and ate FLOUR. fried flour!!!) 
After a great lunch we were invited for a BBQ with his friends it was so tasty. I can only say that most of the meat we eat down here is good. Though way to much red meat and not to many vegetable was not a good combination.
Right now I have gained weight but hopefully by being careful the next few days I can end up with NOT a good result on the scale, but at least something better than now. 

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