Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just not my week

Sunday again, again!

Let’s just start with the reality I gained 600g! 

Why, why, why that is all I am asking myself. After a really good week with more exercise than usually, followed the diet as was it my bible, I not just didn't lose weight I even gained 600g!! I am so disappointed I was expecting a big weight loss this week. 
Even though I now just feel like quitting and eat as many pizzas as I want. I just can’t let myself do it I really need to keep going and hope for a good weight loss next week.  Also I have been thinking about trying out another kind of diet but I truly believe that this diet/ lifestyle changing are the healthy way of doing it! It hasn’t been working for me the last 2 weeks, but I can see it working on Emilio who has lost so much weight doing the last few weeks!
I am going to keep doing the same things as this week, but I am going to try to keep track with my calories.That is the only thing I can be doing wrong I must be eating too many calories so simple is that!

On the other hand there is a good side of this month . Even though the scale shows pretty much the same number as one month ago, the centimeters are falling of me. Doing this past month I have lost 19cm divided on the hips, waist, bust, right arm and the left thigh. At least it looks like I am losing some fat on body which is the most important for me. 
Status now is a total weight loss 5,6kg in 2 months and a centimeter loss on 31cm.  Hopefully the scale will start going down in the same way as the centimeter! I am now 109.5kg hoping to get under the 108.5kg by next week!

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