Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pork with pure and peas.

I love to cook 

I really do love to cook. Thought it is getting hard to find new things to cook. Because of my working hours here in Denmark I have to plan a lot of meals. This weekend is full of work so today I had to prepare Thursday dinner together with Friday lunch and dinner AND Saturday lunch. Yeap 4 meals that I had to make at once. I could choose to eat the same for these 4 meals but that gets BORING! ;) 
Is there any one out there with some good lunch ideas?? Please leave a comment. 
Back to the Dinner I made today for my parents and me. 
Ever since Emilio made me a milanesa with parmasane cheese (It is fried meat that have been turn around in bread crumbs.)  the first time have I promised my mother to make it and today was the day. As I don't eat flour I decided just to pan the pork with chili for myself. 
Together with the pork I made a pure of ½ potatoes, ½ carrots. I really love to mix some vegetables in my smashed potatoes! :) I just mixed the potatoes and carrots with some of the water it had been boiling in. No butter or milk. It was so good!! I also made some peas. 

Here is a picture of my dinner I really loved it! 
This was my plate. Vegetable pure, peas and a piece of pork.
3 days left before next weight in! I am kind of scared but hoping for a good result! :)

Any good ideas of what to make for lunch and dinner that I can take with me in a topper ?! 


  1. That looks pretty good :) I need to get into the habit of making lunches and dinners advance.

    This week I've been really enjoying making a version of a tuna nicoise wrap - tuna, sliced hard boiled egg, lettuce and tomato in a tortilla wrap. It's tasty and quite filling too :)

    1. Thanks Jamie!! That wrap sounds really good!! But what kind of wrap are you using?! :D I bet it would be good with some avocado :)

  2. Wow that looks awesome!!!

    Try getting some quinoa, it goes with everything!

    Love you


    1. I am so tired of quinoa :S Got it at least once a day for the past 10 days haha :D
      Just made some egg rice with pepper and tomatoes =) Now I need to figure something out for tomorrows lunch! So much easier when we were cooking together :)

      Love you