Sunday, August 12, 2012

First weight day in Denmark

New scale = new numbers?

As you all know by now I am back home in Denmark. Today was my first weight day and I was nervous as there can be some differences on how much the scales weight. I went on the scale right before I left Argentina and the scale said 106.8kg And today when I went on the scale in Denmark it said 107.1kg. So if there is a different or if I gain weight is something I will never know. 
Anyway even though I was hoping for the number from Argentina I guess 107.1kg still is nice. It is 400g less than  last week so I am pretty happy. This means that I have 11 week for loosing 7.1kg which should be possible. 

First test in Denmark.

So I have been pretty scared of coming back to Denmark as I am so use to eat unhealthy. As tomorrow is my brothers birthday we were invited for drinks and dinner. Not an easy start but I think I did pretty well. 

I didn't drink any alcohol nor any chips! Fist challenge with a good result. 
as a starter there was lobster tails cooked in garlic, butter and olive oil served with bread. I love this dish. I did eat it even though I know it wasn't the best thing to eat but at least I skipped the bread so I mean I didn't get sugar or flour! 
Main dish was grilled meat, salad, potatoes and a gravy made with just butter, egg and coriander. I ate all of it. I mean again no sugar or flour. But yeah I now still fatty.
For dessert there was the most incredible cake and I DIDN'T eat it at all. I could really eat it but I just wanna make sure to be under the 100kg before I get back to Emilio. 
So honestly I really think I did a good job in my first test :) 


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  1. Good job today hun! And good luck tomorrow! Hope you don't go to unhealthy food