Sunday, August 5, 2012

I don't really now what to say!

I gained weight! 

200grams more than last week, was what the scale said..!! I know it isn't that much but I am really disappointed. It was my goal to be under 105kg at my return day to Denmark I wont be able to reach that goal anymore but i am gonna fight this week hopefully that will pay off on my first weigh in back home! 

I hope my 11 weeks in Denmark will make me loss a lot of fat! First of all I just ordered the books from Tosca Reno about the eat clean diet. I have kind of been following the diet for the past 2 months but it hasn't been from the book but more from what I have heard and the things I have found on the internet. I guess it is time to really start reading the book! I am really excited about that. 
Another good thing is that I will be much more active during my time in Denmark. I am use to watch a LOT of TV and spend a lot of time in bed and in front of the computer. But that will change during these weeks. 
As I will be working in a pre-kindergarten with kids in the age of  3-6 years old. I bet that will make me active also I am planning to attend the gym a lot!! :) 

I know I before said I would attend the gym. But this time I really hope to do it. I actually got a job at that gym so at least I have to be there 2 a week :D 
It is my goal to return Argentina with a weight under the 100kg! I know I can do it. 
More soon :)

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